SMWI*: Forward Stroke (w/ a wee bit of force)


Notes: SMWI* =  Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration. Image Credit – Your Eyes Blaze Out


  1. Great workout!

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  2. I’m going to try this one!

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  3. cf. determination

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  4. That is really cool! If I lived there, that’s the workout I’d choose.

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  5. If it snowed here, I’d go out more this time of year (she says knowing full well that it WILL NOT snow more here.)

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  6. That’s a serious love of kayaking! Very nice.

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  7. Very cool.

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  8. That’s a good one. I go my workout shoveling the driveway before yoga this morning.
    Time for a snuggle next to the fire 🙂

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  9. I guess it doesn’t matter if he’s wearing flotation or not. He’d freeze to death in minutes if he fell in. Good workout, but foolish, I think.

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  10. oh, wow.

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  11. Interesting photo!


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