Saturday Morning: You think you’ll never forget.

January 24, 2015, Connecticut

Our first major snowfall arrived overnight.

soon will the winter be on us, snow-hushed and heavy. (Sara Teasdale)

…suppose we did our work like the snow, quietly, quietly, leaving nothing out. (Wendell Berry)

…The country seems bigger, for you can see through the bare trees. There are times when the woods is absolutely still and quiet. The house holds warmth. A wet snow comes in the night and covers the ground and clings to the trees, making the whole world white. For a while in the morning the world is perfect and beautiful. You think you will never forget… (Wendell Berry)



  1. I got up also around 5:00 this morning and looked out my window and saw exactly what you described. Here in Pittsburgh we are expecting two or three inches of snow. Be Encouraged ! Be Blessed!

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  2. This is the perfect moment – enjoy. And remember.

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  3. Ugh!

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  4. Yup….I remember.

    I remember living ithe first 31 years of my life in the Northeast

    I’ll remember to think about y’all this afternon. Tee time at 2pm.

    Give me South Carolina any day.

    PS….Sorry if that was not polite.

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  6. There is something so perfect and beautiful about undisturbed snow. If only it could stay that way.

    Snow falls quietly,
    Overnight, gathering all
    In its white embrace.

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  7. Jealous! 🙂


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  8. I (extreme northeast) am so tired of winter’s whites and all the living that it steals. “Pretty” isn’t a good enough trade-off, you know?

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  9. Enjoy the peaceful loveliness and stay warm!

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  10. Ahh … the peace before the slush event!

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  11. love this first blanket. so soft and comforting, just like when we are babies.

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  12. Our snowfall has come throughout the day, transforming the world outside our windows into a winter wonderland. I watched the pups tear out across the yard, scooping their noses and kicking up their heels (so to speak), and I smiled. This is why I live in a land of four seasons, each carrying its special joy….beautiful photo, pal. Hope you’ve had a snuggly day…

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  13. For a while in the morning the world is perfect and beautiful. You think you will never forget… We do unfortunately. Good reminder to take these precious moments and appreciate. 🙂 I am today. Thanks

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  14. Lovely photo. We have 25 degrees celsius here in Hastings, New Zealand. No snow for us in the winter either. Your photo is so peaceful and serene. 😀

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  15. Beautiful and peaceful. We skipped the white part and went directly for the wet part.

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  16. Christie Annabella says:

    Such a beautiful, charming, peaceful calm – an early morning gift.

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  17. Christie Annabella says:

    Your neighborhood is picturesque. When I was a girl I liked to watch a “Christmas in Connecticut” and “White Christmas” An older sister’s favorites. Such classics, even back then. The love of the outdoors natural beauty, architecture and interior design was and is somewhat satisfied when watching classic moves and I can think of a few more recent vintage of movies that fit that mold as well. Enjoy your day.

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