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Q: “The use of music is to remind us how short a time we have a body.” What do you mean by that?

RP: You start the song, it has a pulse, three-quarter time, one hundred and twenty beats per minute, and you know, even as you round the corner of the first verse, that it’s only going to last for four and a half minutes. All you can do is keep moving to it. When the beat stops, you are aware of having had that beat moving through you, and moving you, and you are aware of the ephemerality of your own existence, the fragility of your own body, the fact that your body is already becoming something else.

~ Richard Powers, In an Interview in The Paris Review

And, this tune, for me, does exactly that…

↓ click for audio (Max Richter– “Luminous”)

Credit: Photograph – Daniel Lehenbauer


  1. Beautiful analogy

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  2. yes. and we are bigger than our bodies, though the are the receptors through which we feel the physical world and i am in awe of their power.

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  3. Beautiful. It did it for me too!

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  4. Yes.

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  5. Exquisitely poignant!
    Dissolved me…and the wetness of tears felt in Open Space..

    Thank you, David, for bringing such gifts to us.
    You touch my life, in the same sweet way.


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  6. Such an interesting analogy of music. Music envelops me and it does have a life of its own.

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    Friday night, the end of a long, long week. Thank you.


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