The essential the spiritual oneness


“Jacques Bodin is a french hyperrealist painter who lives and works in Paris. Most of his paintings are made in an almost absurd scale and magnification, so the subject becomes a kind of abstraction separating it from ordinary reality and endowing it with a life of its own. The hair, the orange , the herb become a world in itself, a microcosm. He focuses in on the essential the spiritual oneness of his subjects. There is, indeed, a connection between this magnified section of human physiognomy or nature and the universe.”

MICHAEL: When I look at those rear head shots of the women, I do wonder who those women are.  Is that your intention?

JACQUES: The human figure turning one’s back to the viewer suggests some interrogations: Who is this woman? Is she the artist’s wife, his daughter? Could it be my wife, could she be me? So if I answer to your question, I break the mystery.  I have the key, but I don’t give it to the viewer. I only suggest and the viewer builds his own history.

MICHAEL: Your paintings of fruit and especially oranges are fantastic.  Were you hungry for oranges and you decided to paint them instead?  They are so detailed.  I can see the pulp!  What was your inspiration?

JACQUES: Most paintings are made in a large scale so the oranges become a kind of abstraction separating the subject from ordinary reality and endowing it with a life of its own. The orange becomes a world in itself, a microcosm. I focus in on the essential, the spiritual oneness of the fruit; there is, indeed, a connection between this magnified section of vegetal physiognomy and the universe. I try to capture a dynamic form in a static pose while still conveying movement and brightness. This is for the theory. In fact, I really love oranges and particularly orange juice.

MICHAEL: When people look at your work, what do you want them to see or feel?  What is the message behind all of your hard work?

JACQUES: “I have a dream.” In two words, if anyone looking at my works thinks, ”Sense and beauty!” I would be proud of this message.  I don’t paint thinking about viewers’ opinion. I should wish people or customers could live all their life with my paintings and every day bring a brand new emotion or interpretation.

Find his website and gallery here:  Find his Oranges and fruits here. Find his Herbes (grass) here.


  1. the angle of perspective an artist takes on art is a big part of the reason why i love art so much…this piece was such a treat

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  2. The oranges are my favorite….

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  3. Interesting post, sir!

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  4. The first thing I noticed was that you are up way too early for a Sunday morning…


  5. Interesting artist, DK. Makes me think of an artist I know here in New England, Sean Beavers. He does *gorgeous* still lifes of fruits and flowers and his skies are to die for. I own several of his paintings, and I derive great joy from living with them.

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  6. Nicely done.

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  7. Hyperrealist is an accurate description.

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  8. Not sure I get the spiritual oneness referred to ….. but its really interesting and he’s very talented!

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  9. Thank you for this amazing introduction … Beautiful !! … Blessings xxx

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  10. Sense and beauty. I can live with that!

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  11. ‘and every day bring a brand new emotion or interpretation.’ – a wonderful approach to all of life as well.

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  12. I like this person’s art. It’s refreshing. Thank you 🙂

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