The Holiday Cocktail Party


The holiday cocktail party begins at the door, where the trill of the doorbell flees from the vestibule and disappears into the crowd, leaving a vacuum of sound into which the small talk surges, foamy with greetings, a sea of hellos and how-are -you-doings that you can scarcely keep your head above, gulping for air as you paddle your way through the handshakes, showing your teeth. But ahead you can see, there in the kitchen, the raft of drinks, a-tinkle with glasses, and you grasp at its edge and with the others bark like a seal as the slow tide lifts you toward midnight, when with the deepest gratitude you know that somewhere upstairs your coat has just bobbed to the top of the pile on a bed and is drying its wings and waiting to lift you away.

~ Ted Kooser, December. The Wheeling Year: A Poet’s Field Book

Credits: Photograph – M. Klasan via Preciously Me 


  1. The introvert’s nightmare.

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  2. I’m really torn about the holidays this year. It’s so ridiculous running around like a chicken without a head, buying gifts for people and kids who have more than they can possibly use in a lifetime. It’s actually the socializing I enjoy, getting together with family and friends. If it were only that, it wouldn’t be so bad.

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  3. No more … thank god 🙂

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  4. I’m with Carolann–could do without the “gift-giving frenzy,” but do love the social aspect of the season. What can I say..I’m a Leo…😊

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  5. Timely David, as this afternoon is our annual work Christmas party. Although my boss is known for keeping it fun, for example in years past we’ve even gone bowling and tap danced, the talk is still small, which is probably inevitable when you gather people who sometimes having nothing more in common then their place of employment or the family that birthed them.

    As for Christmas shopping, I remain a minimalist and happily come from a family of minimalists.

    Cheers! 🙂

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  6. I am glad we have holiday parties all year round — saves the once-a-year anxiety. We can get passed the initial “how have you been?” crap and talk about real things. Those are the only kinds of parties I go to.

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  7. ah, i recognize a fellow introvert here. planing and anticipating the escape upon arrival )

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