Unfortunately, I didn’t understand a word* that was spoken on this short clip, but loved it anyway. The writer and producer of this film, Lou Salloum, explains that this film is a reflective narrative inspired by Matthew 6:6. This short film reminded me of a quote by Richard Powers on Reading in an interview by The Paris Review:

It’s an invisible, sedate, almost inert process. Reading is the last act of secular prayer. Even if you’re reading in an airport, you’re making a womb unto yourself—you’re blocking the end results of information and communication long enough to be in a kind of stationary, meditative aspect.

* Updated on Thanksgiving Day Nov 27, 2014. Lou Salloum was kind enough to offer an English translation.

Think of the things you are thinking about because you are more than just your thoughts. Life is weird, especially when you’re present in someone else’s imagination, thinking it’s the only place one ought to be alive. Find a place, create this place, where you can find yourself. A place where you can know who you are and discover what you could become. A place where you can hear the cry of pain in the beauty of this world, and find hope in the agony of this generation. A place, where you reflect and discover your own heart. Away from everything around you, everyone within you. At first, you may find it hard, but when you do take this quiet time alone, away, something magnificent will happen.

Inspired by Matthew 6:6


  1. yes. it is to a special place you go when reading.

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  2. There is something religious about immersing one’s self in a book, feeling pulled by invisible forces farther and farther into a world unforeseen. This is a great clip!

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  3. It sounded like prayer.

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  4. Beautiful..the way you have sewn this all together – like the way books were once sewn together. Lovely meditation and the idea of reading being the “last act of secular prayer; is a stunning concept.

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  5. Reading as a devotion. Love it!

    “making a womb unto yourself”

    So true. Perhaps reading is a place where we still listen and receive in the deepest way.

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  6. Beautiful description of what reading can be. I simply love reading and it was a wonderful gift in my grief. I was able to connect to knowledge that guided me out of my darkness and to understand how to heal.

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  7. michael zahaby says:

    Translation of the narrative from Arabic. (Excerpts from the Bible. The book of the prophet Matta). “Go where you will find truth and truthful people. Go where you’ll be safe with your thoughts, and feelings. Go where you are comfortable and feel light and airy”.

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  8. so beautiful. I was curious what the narration was as well, so I went to vimeo and asked him if he’d share a translation — he did.

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  9. Beautiful in any language, we are one.

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  10. Exquisite. The sentiments, the melody of the language, the shimmering words of translation. Reading/books — truly one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

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