Caleb makes a guest appearance on David Letterman on “Jungle” Jack Hanna’s Hump Day. As to the American Bald Eagle, Wow! Inspiring. Full stop.

Note: Background on Caleb/Wednesday/Hump Day Posts: Let’s Hit it Again


  1. if you have star power, you have star power…..

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  2. May I just say how I delighted in Caleb’s reaction to Jack’s ‘approach’? Way to go my friend – leave ’em in the dust!

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  3. Caleb is eclectic, of course!!! HHD, David! 🙂

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  4. Loved the eagle too!

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  5. Oh, I was hoping Dave L was really going to give Caleb a run for his money! So great- smiling as I am off to begin the holiday- grateful for a vehicle with 4 wheels and an engine, as opposed to 4 legs and a hump!

    Oh, and Caleb? Mwah! 🙂

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  6. That’s a great video. Camels can be very stubborn animals and my brother would attest to this, after his experience of looking after them at a zoo!
    I once had a go at casting a sparrow hawk. When it returned to me and landed on the back of my gauntlet-clad hand, it was surprisingly heavy, so I can imagine how extra heavy a bald eagle would feel.

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    • As to camels, I was awed at how gentle and cooperative this camel was.

      Your sharing your hawk experience brought back memories of my own at a Disney exhibition. The hawk released, flying a few feet over the heads of the audience. Moving…

      Thanks for sharing Sarah

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    CALEB DAY!!!

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  8. Too funny! Caleb, the celeb! He’s such a natural and has a wonderful sense of humor and irony.

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  9. I hate the way Letterman treats this guy!!!

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  10. omg that was funny!

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