4:30 (a.m.) on a starry morning…


Four-thirty on a starry morning, and soon our Journal Star carrier will come roaring out of the east in his pickup, headlights like fists on the loose black reins of darkness, the road crunching under his tires, and slow down, stop, and drop the news in the dew-struck weeds under the mailbox. Without a pause he’ll wheel around, the gravel flying, headlights sweeping the yard and house, and roar back east. Such resentment he must feel for us, here at the far end of the news, this house hidden in trees with just one window lit, where someone is up early writing.

~ Ted Kooser, November. The Wheeling Year: A Poet’s Field Book

Credits: Photograph – Brenda Anderson


  1. very well written by a writer up early. i share an early awakening with my news man as well –

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  2. Like the horseman of the apocalypse somehow…. (Which doesn’t feel like much of an exaggeration when ya open the paper. Sigh….)

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  3. How well this describes our relationship with our newspaper delivery person – their headlights ‘punching’ through the dark, the angry smack of the paper on the driveway and the disruption of sleeping gravel as he peels out…

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  4. as a newspaper reporter and columnist (for a humble weekly) it does my heart good to see a real newspaper–at this moment I am awaiting my daily–cannot start the day properly without it
    our paper girl makes sure that she throws the paper on my porch so that I can just open the door and reach out and get it

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  5. It is rare that our newspaper isn’t waiting for me when I let the dog out. When it’s not, my morning is thrown out of whack. What do I read with my morning coffee? I wait for both….

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  6. Words create such wonderful pictures.

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  7. The other morning I was up in your time zone, for an early work out (with planks! 🙂 ) and I saw a truck driving down my street, so very slowly and stopping periodically. I immediately became suspicious as it was still dark and quasi middle of the night (at least in my opinion) and then I realized, oh it’s just the newspaper delivery person! 🙂

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  8. I got a shock the other day when I went out to get the mail only to have a local newspaper thrown at my face by a speeding car delivering in the area ha! What’s the world coming too???. Good post David.

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  9. I have to love his writing. Want to read more.

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