SMWI*: Come on Ursula. Nobody believes that. No pain…


Perfection is “lean” and “taut” and “hard” — like a boy athlete of twenty, a girl gymnast of twelve. What kind of body is that for a man of fifty or a woman of any age? “Perfect”? What’s perfect? A black cat on a white cushion, a white cat on a black one … A soft brown woman in a flowery dress… There are a whole lot of ways to be perfect, and not one of them is attained through punishment.

~ Ursula Le Guin, on dieters and exercisers in Ursula K. Le Guin – On Aging and What Beauty Really Means




  1. Nothing bears up to ‘perfection’ under too much scrutiny. There’s something to be said for farsightedness.

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    • Interesting perspective, I’m not sure I fully agree (for a change). Chocolate bears up at all distances. Cheesy Pasta. Pistachio Ice Cream. Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows in Winter. Chocolate chip cookies. Shall I go on?


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    Love it … this is my black Kitty!

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  3. I so like her theory

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  4. i think t’s important to approach the world and live in it, by traveling softly through it. and that includes going easy on ourselves – we are humans and not machines, as much as we try to transform into them at times. this is where the inner conflict lies.

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  5. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    Perfection is boring….

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  6. I’m going through a really funny about my age at the moment. It’s just that when I’m not looking in the mirror, I feel moderately young, but directly I see my reflection it causes a bit of a schism in my head. So, yes, I know exactly what Ursula Le Guin is talking about in the linked article.

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  7. Who needs perfection when there’s chocolate? I didn’t hear you…

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  8. She makes a good point…. hmmmm!

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  9. A gifted singer/musician friend of mines’ motto is to excel at mediocrity.

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  10. I’m in the process now of letting go of the punishment. I feel a blog post coming on…

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