Bubble (gum) / Breathe / 85 sec



  1. We’re up in the mountains and the reception isn’t great, so the buffering is taking longer than the video – but I can tell I’m going to love it!! (and yes, I still blow bubbles in the driveway so the dogs can chase them…it’s only for the dogs’ entertainment of course..yup)

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  2. the juxtaposition of music and video is perfect.

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  3. So eerie having the video run backwards like that. Cool.

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  4. Stamps147 says:

    Love this video. Makes you want to go and pop the bubbles. Such a simple but mesmerising video!


  5. Very dreamy music to that! These bubble artists are so clever! I was a bit of a bubble artist myself when I was a child, never tired of blowing bubbles. I used to like watching our dog trying to catch them. My mother said it probably wasn’t a good idea, as it was essentially a soap solution! 😀 I wonder what it is that makes something so simple, so fascinating, for adults, children, and not to forget the dogs?!


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