It did











Source: Modern Girls & Old Fashioned Men via ...Just Saying


  1. yes –

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  2. It’s been a little stunning (pun intended and not intended think)..

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  3. 10 C degrees this morning. Summer is gone.

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  4. Neither created nor destroyed……………….just transformed!

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  5. Bittersweet for me, a summer bird who would migrate if she could. It was 48 F here Tuesday morning. It’s supposed to return to the 90’s this weekend. I’m okay with that.

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  6. STILL IS.

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  7. It seems that many of us find that time is just kind of disappearing…where did summer go? Where did August go? It’s not just me anymore…it’s a lot of people feeling the same. I live kind of a frantic life, working too much, trying to squeeze in a tiny bit of time for myself, for my children, for my grandchildren, for Bella…so I always kind of figure time is just going to disappear for me, but I see it in so many other people as well these days. I’m thinking it has quite a bit to do with the transformation of our society, our obsession with technology, always, always, always feeling an attachment to the internet, to our blogs, to such a fast pace…always. It’s not just me anymore.

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  8. Without even a backwards glance….sigh….

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  9. Always happens so darn fast.

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  10. I’m looking forward to that collapse here too, David. It would be welcome just about now.

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