Sweet Jesus


From Humingbird High in Portland Oregon:

Sweet Cream Biscuits with Plum Jam and Earl Grey Whipped Cream

Find recipe and additional pictures here.

Source: Steps on My Sunlight Floor


  1. And all this time I thought these were scones with clotted cream and jam… 😉


  2. You are strong enough to resist the siren call, DK. Dig deep….


  3. Now that’s a snack….


  4. can i get an ‘amen!?’


  5. Wrong on at least three counts. 1. Scone not “sweet cream biscuit”, who the hell wants one of hose? 2. Clotted cream not Earl Grey whipped cream. What is that, it not an attempt top charge more for something you don’t want or need? 3. Worst of all: Strawberry jam please. Nothing else passes muster.

    For goodness sake, get a grip man. If you are going to self indulge, always go with the classics. And if in doubt, dig out a British recipe book.


  6. You must be kidding. Yesterday’s run…all for nothing?


  7. You can look all you want. Just don’t touch.


  8. I’m just glad I have the willpower to pass this up whether it is clotted cream or earl grey cream. But it sure does look yummy 🙂


  9. Mm… very nice! 🙂 We call them scones in the UK, (and of course our biscuits are cookies!) Having cream and jam makes with them makes it ‘A Cream Tea’ served in a café/restaurant it’s usually accompanied by a pot of tea, and often the cream is a much richer ‘clotted cream’ pale yellow in colour. Funny thing is I actually had some of these just the other day on a day out at the beach – delicious treat on a sunny afternoon with sea air!

    Her recipe is different to what I would have expected, using cream, instead of butter. And it’s interesting that she said they don’t keep for more than a day, which is true, but not if you make them with butter, the more butter you use, kept in air tight container in a cool place, they will keep a week easily and will get softer, not harder. But as usual with all that buttery deliciousness, not slimming at all!! 😉


    • ​Thanks for sharing. You had me transported as I was reading your comments. And “buttery deliciousness” – I’m drooling!​

      On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 5:27 PM, Live & Learn wrote:



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