Again I resume the long lesson: how small a thing can be pleasing

Again I resume the long lesson:
how small a thing can be pleasing,
how little in this hard world it takes
to satisfy the mind and bring it to its rest.

Within the ongoing havoc
the woods this morning is almost unnaturally still.
Through stalled air, unshadowed light,
a few leaves fall of their own weight.

The sky is gray.
It begins in mist almost at the ground
and rises forever.
The trees rise in silence
almost natural, but not quite,
almost eternal, but not quite.

What more did I think I wanted?
Here is what has always been.
Here is what will always be.
Even in me,
the Maker of all this returns in rest,
even to the slightest of His works,
a yellow leaf slowly falling,
and is pleased.

– Wendell Berry



  1. Breathe deep … the air is sweet this morning.


  2. it is the smallest and simplest that leave the impact


  3. Alex Jones says:

    Nature is like a child playing.


  4. In the Stillness of Willow Hill says:

    If I could only figure out a way to get paid for being in nature every day………


  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem David…and Wendell Berry, yes, another favorite of mine.


  6. lovely, soothing, just the invitation to rest that I needed. thx!


  7. So beautifully written that just reading this poem let’s you experience a roller coaster of emotions.


  8. Beautiful…big fan of Wendell Berry


  9. “What more did I think I wanted?”….indeed.


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