Skip Spring Break? Far better to escape to spring.

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George Ball is the chairman of the Burpee Seed Company and a former president of the American Horticultural Society. Here’s the intro to his article titled: “Spring Is Here. Why Take a Break?”

As Thursday is the first day of spring, it seems timely to ask, why does anyone go on spring vacation? It seems odd to fly to a tropical destination at the very moment that one of the great astonishments of life on Earth is taking place right at home. When friends tell me their spring-vacation plans, they mention the word “escape.” Really? You want to escape from spring? That’s like fleeing paradise. Far better to escape to spring.

You cannot access the season’s magic on your laptop or smartphone; you can’t watch it on TV or catch it on your radio or simply read about it. If you wish to apprehend spring in its ineffable splendor, you have to show up in person, with every one of your senses engaged, and personally participate in this annual miracle.

The media world in which we dwell offers us a shared spectacle of limitless images, constant chatter, endless noise, infinite information and mountains of data—at once a stimulant and a narcotic. What’s lacking in this man-made media galaxy is everything that matters: beauty, love, magic, mystery, grandeur, rapture, the miraculous. Not to forget poetry, delicacy, refinement, purity, splendor, intimacy, innocence, fulfillment, inspiration. And then there’s nuance, drama, poignancy, integrity, harmony.

Where will you find these? On your smartphone? Non. On your tropical vacation? Unlikely. Discover the magnitude, mystery and wonder of life at home, working in your garden, in springtime….

It gets better. Read the rest here: Spring Is Here. Why Take a Break?

Image Source: My Favourite Web Photos


  1. I completely agree, but it takes a while for the earth to catch up to the calendar. After what feels like a longer than usual winter, *knowing* it’s spring now only makes the wait more frustrating. I understand the need for folks to get away to someplace warm. (I just wish they wouldn’t brag about it so much when they get back. Some of us are stuck here for the duration, you know!)


  2. yes and i will be happy to be deep in the mud and dirt and green as soon as it emerges from under our deep blanket of snow and ice. i welcome their return. )


  3. I’d like to say congrats on your new blog title. 🙂 I like it a lot! 🙂


  4. He doesn’t live in Chicago. Spring won’t actually be here until the second week in May so if you can get away…go. It’s 21 degrees and it’s supposed to snow for the next two days…so this is our spring and it is exactly like winter.The only difference is that we do get a warmer day now and then, instead of arctic temps constantly.


  5. Totally agree and what a beautiful uplifting photo 🙂


  6. Indeed. I love the awakening happening right here.


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