Sounds Like Nature

And this post was inspired by this “List of Nice Sounds



  1. all such beautiful sounds, thought of you with the skate blades.


  2. I just loved this…it felt like a sensory vacation…my ears and eyes taking in such beauty. Perfect.


  3. The rooster’s dawn call (heard that this morning when I took the dogs out), the crunch of fresh snow under your boots, the syncopated rhythm of aspen leaves fluttering in the breeze, the moan of the wind through the trees, the tick-tick-ticking of sleet on the windows, ohhhh such a plethora of wonderful sounds… 🙂 As Mimi said, thx for this “sensory vacation,” pal…


  4. Oh!


  5. I had forgotten how much character a typewritten page has, irrespective of the content (which in this case is also lovely.)


  6. I volunteer at a center for blind and low-vision folks. I try to describe things in ways other than visual. These sounds are incredible, and I know the folks I read to would take great delight in listening to them. Thank you so much for posting this wonderful piece of natural sounds! Cher xo


  7. Incredible … And as Mimi pointed out a sensory vacation indeed!


  8. Gede Prama says:

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  9. Jiminy crickets…I adore the list of nice sounds, it *almost* made me cry…it’s beautiful in a perfectly simple way.


  10. awesome. loved this.


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