SMWI*: Football Weekend – Italian Style.

RBS 6 Nations 2014 on Dmax Italy from silvia morganti on Vimeo.

Inspired? Yes.  Listening for the referee’s call of “crouch, bind, set” – – watching the players bind together – heads interlocking with the opposition — followed by brute force. Add rain and mud and what you have here is a Man’s Sport.

SMWI* = Saturday Morning Work-out Inspiration


  1. Holy Testosterone, Batman!


  2. And here I thought they were prepping for a group hug.


  3. Rugby is a crazy sport that I’m still trying to figure out.


  4. Whew! I need a cigarette after watching that, and I don’t even smoke….


  5. agree with donna. i am so awake now. thanks, david.

    and love mother mary watching over them in the background too. nice touch.


  6. Oh brother…men…they can be so dramatic. 🙂 And Mimi’s comment cracked me up…it did all end with a very dramatic testosterone filled group hug.


  7. As an ardent rugby fan from the nation of the greatest rugby players in the world.. I just gotta say, bring it on, Italy… The All-Blacks will be waiting….:)


  8. Im with Mimi -;)


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