And than, and than, and than


“A moment later,
I was filled with doubts,
and the next moment after that
I began to doubt those doubts.
To think one thought
meant thinking the opposite thought,
and no sooner did that second thought destroy the first thought
than a third thought rose up to destroy the second.”

Paul Auster, from The Book of Illusions

Photograph: Eric Rose via Your Eyes Blaze Out. Quote: A Poet Reflects. Paul Auster: Book of Illusions


  1. be still. (once more)


  2. I wish you’d get out of my head.. 😉


  3. …and the fourth thought ate thme all!
    Love it.


  4. Sounds exhausting! Maybe a good long run is needed. Or better yet, meditation and yoga. Just focus on the breath


  5. Or, it could be the mind of one who never gives up. As one thought disappears he quickly grabs another, but as he reads and studies and learns, again the old thought is discarded and the wisdom begins to settle where he needs to be. Thoughts are sometimes stepping-stones.


  6. I love this because I think it is the mind just trying to get it right, and what really is right? Perhaps it is only right to me when I have peace and I don’t need to think about that thought anymore?


  7. Ahhh… Mind-Chattering. Nonetheless, it’s wonderful (the above words). I smiled when I finished reading it because such an experience isn’t a healthy experience but it’s so beautifully written that made me Smile.


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