Call it up. Do it. At Will.

black and white, portrait,photography,man

Here it comes again.
Inexplicable really.

How many flights?
How many times?
And yet again,
at 1:30 pm this afternoon.

The Big Steel Bird reaches maximum altitude.
Floating above fluffy pillows of whiter than white.
Sailing below the Heavens’ bluest of blues.

Your Life resting in the hands of the trusty pilot.
Your Body in a straightjacket.
Your knees butting up against the seat in front.
Your arms tight to your body. Tight to your sides.
You exhale.
Your tension giving way.

Here IT comes.
A giant wave.
Lifting you up.
And swallowing you whole.
So lucky. So blessed.

You sit in reflection.
Your eyes mist up.
Then water.
You close your eyes.
You lean back.
You stretch your legs.
You Let Go.
You Release.
And for a few moments,
Your turbulence melts away.
You Rest.

At then,
like a sharp gust of wind on a dandelion,
it vanishes.
The tension returning to its familiar place.

The question is,
Why the recurrence here?
Why can’t it be summoned up at Will.
On any given Wednesday.
At a late morning meeting.
On my commute home.
At any given moment.

Go ahead.
Call it up.
Do it.



  1. Wow. This is great!


  2. “Gratitude.
    A giant wave.
    Lifting you up.
    And swallowing you whole.”
    Wonderful words my friend…poignant, sweet, tearful for sure…just…wonderful.


  3. Very moving…..


  4. keep returning to it, again and again. with practice it will become a natural part of you, like breathing. wonderful post dk.


  5. With gratitude for finding and sharing this post.


  6. Yes!!! Happened to me on planes too – I think it was the forced disconnection from email and phone calls. Protracted moments where no one can call you and you can just exhale. Can we create this time for ourselves on the ground, in our day-to-day? Yes – it’s just a bit more challenging. But so so important.


  7. This is so beautiful, David, and I agree, calling it up takes practice and patience. Yet, recognizing it takes awareness and not everyone is aware.


  8. Nicely done, DK! I had this feeling yesterday whilst standing in front of John Singer Sargent’s luminous water colors…absolutely breathtaking…


  9. I saw this last night and it stayed with me. It’s beautiful. Maybe IT occurs when we momentarily don’t take everything for granted at some deep subconscious level? Just a thought.


  10. Beautiful, inspiring words. I think once you become aware of it, you cannot forget, it will come again and again.


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