Hold a magnifying glass to this relentless, unsympathetic city.
And we find ourselves, lonely, but never alone.
We make our way.
We choose our paths.
We decide who we are.
Pulled and pushed in the silence of our thoughts.
While on side streets named for those forgotten.
Preoccupied with universal struggles that seem so unique.
We ask the questions that aren’t always answered.
Who am I?
Who will I be?
What have I become?
We arrive, and the innocence is bliss, but fleeting,
As we learn the truths of being human.
We are the loved, and the unloved.
The wanted, and the forlorn.
And in those moments between the light and the darkness
We find ourselves, lonely, but never alone.

~ Paul Riccio & Molly Finley

Credits: Thank you Swissmiss


  1. Again, this is why I prefer small towns.


  2. Alex Jones says:

    The drama of a city captured well in this video.


  3. Preoccupied with universal struggles that seem so unique….kind of says it all, doesn’t it?


  4. little lost soul in a big universe, need to find yourself within. (have you ever seen the film, ‘the visitor?’ – it was wonderful and i was somehow reminded of it when i saw this)


  5. I grew up in a very small, rural community, and the first time I visited a big city, it scared the hell out of me. And although I wouldn’t want to live in a big city long-term, I’ve come to love them. To me, there’s nothing like that feeling of being ‘alone in a crowd,’ walking the streets of a place you’ve never been, or perhaps one you know well. Every time I visit a city I’m invigorated and also reminded of how fortunate I am to have choices….


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