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  1. May the aamukaste cleanse your spirit and contribute to your wabi-sabi. And if this afternoon you catch a raxeira as the sun proceeds along its way, that you are warmed by thoughts of gezelligheid…Whew – if you think that was easy, think again.


  2. Whew! Mimi is bringin’ it this morning!! 🙂


  3. I’ve been thankful enough to experience gezelligheid with my family all week!


  4. I wish I could use these words in my conversation with someone on daily basis without explaining the meaning of these words to them. I & one of my friend once happen to invent a word “Sowa” and I define it as per our relaionship (:


  5. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    Loved the blog and the comments are incredibly clever and creative!


  6. Synchronisity. I’m reading a book by Swedish author Agneta Nyholm Wingvist “Wabi Sabi: Timeless Wisdom for a Stress-Free Life.” Things we know and have forgotten.


  7. Reblogged this on On the Homefront and commented:
    Could not have expressed these things better myself. In fact could not have expressed these things in words at all. Read and enjoy…………


  8. I’m keeping ALL of these words away from my young son. He would take them and go with them…and I have enough trouble communicating with him as it is. But, anyway, may you be immersed within gezelligheid this weekend my friend. 🙂


  9. beautiful words, like aamukaste!


  10. i luv these )


  11. So many ideas where English is clueless.


  12. Finer Things in Life says:

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    Learn something new, everyday 🙂


  13. For a while there I though you were posting Sushi. Yes, my mind is thinking of food. Good one as ever.


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