Seldom in doubt, often wrong.


Yahoo Mail.

Date Established: July 13, 2007
Date Sunsetted: August 14, 2013
6 years, almost to the day.

18,022 emails sent.
9,035 emails saved.

Loved the clean interface.
Loved the familiarity.
Loved coming to the warm hearth of home with every login.

Didn’t love its inability to import all of my contacts.
(Man has 10 friends, including family, yet has 2318 contacts. And the question would be, WHY?)
And, deplored the recent freezing and lock-ups.

Before making a change of this magnitude,
Many would research, inquire, ponder, pause.
It would have taken a second or two to Google “Six.”
Six Years on Yahoo Mail.
Wiki would have told me
that God, who I’ve yet to find,
would have said “Seven stands for completeness.”
And “Six stands for things that fall short of God’s standards.”
It would have been a signal.
To slow down.
To pause.
To wait another year.
A flashing red light from above.

But no. Not me.
I dislike instruction manuals.
I’m maddeningly lousy at Tangram, Jenga and assembly-required-of-anything.
Man with hammer, nail and brute force.
Impatience is the mantra.
NOW is the sutra.
Gadget man comes alive yet again – – looking for better, cheaper, faster.
Twain and I throw off the bowlines looking to sail away from the safe harbor
and catch the trade winds in our sails.

And then, as life would have it, reality sets in.

Note to self v. #2863 edition: Seldom in doubt, often wrong.

  • The 2318 contacts I imported from Yahoo to Gmail gave birth like rabbits. I ended up with 9,863. Cost: 1/2 day to straighten out.
  • Changing your email address on WordPress – – not so straightforward if you’ve used the new email address before. 1/2 day of back and forth with the friendly Support Group.
  • Syncing contacts between Gmail, Apple IOS, CoBook. Equivalent to pulling a bandaid off your hairy arm repeatedly for several hours. And I still don’t have it right.
  • And the biggest miss of all. Hundreds and hundreds of log-in changes, password changes and confirmations. Apple ID. iTunes account. Amazon. Cable. Blog and newspaper subscriptions. Credit Cards. Airline frequent flier accounts. Bank accounts. And I’m STILL changing accounts with no end in sight.

So, how am I feeling about Gmail?

I hate it.

Crowded landing page. Ads. Arrows. Conversations. Buttons. Nobs. Clutter. Grand Central Station at Rush Hour.

So, am I going back? Dog with tail between his legs?

Josie Wales (Clint Eastwood) faced off against a bounty hunter and asked the man why he chose such a dangerous profession. “Man’s gotta do somethin’ for a livin'” the man replied. Clint Eastwood: “Dyin’ ain’t much of a livin’, boy”.

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  1. Any paradigm shift takes time. Keep Calm and Keep Using Gmail. I’ll be happy to do a coaching session via GoToMeeting that will help you access some of the benefits of Gmail…


    • My blogging guru. The man who helped and got me started. OMG. I can’t believe I forget to mention that you, of all people, told me that I needed to change to Gmail. So, I can blame you for this madness as it has been lingering with me for 12 months. 🙂 Todd, thanks. I’m sticking with it. I do need some help in organization and filters. I’m working through it. Struggling with the interface though. If you have a video, be happy to watch and share with others who many be having similar challenges. Thanks.


      • Let me see what I can dig up for you however, I’d be happy to meet with you via go to meeting and work with you directly if you’d like


        • Thanks Todd. I have most of the basic features nailed down. I’m looking for advanced tips on organization, filtering, labels. If you can point me to a video (yours or others), that would be wonderful. Thanks again.


      • David…I have Yahoo also, and
        Gmail…and have been contemplating the change you just made…so from me, a huge thank you…I’m going to over think it some more before I do anything. In the meantime, I’ll keep disliking yahoo and confusing myself by needing to check two accounts. Sigh…


        • Ahhhhhhh, I would definitely not make the change. Gmail has work to do. Bonnie, have you tried used “email forwarding” from one account (your main one) to the other. This might save you from having to check two accounts and you can keep both open.


  2. I am with you Pal on Gmail thing (A crowded page with its Ads, Arrows, Conversations, Clutter etc) that’s why I prefer hotmail besides Todd is right any change or shift takes time. So stay calm and keep going 🙂 Best of luck!


  3. I HATE change! Good luck.


  4. well, i don’t really ‘like’ this – other than the awesome writing! sorry to hear of your woes – and oh so thankful i don’t have yahoo mail. hang in there!


  5. Why was the change needed in the first place? How was yahoo failing you? Just curious.


    • I would do the strangest things. It would freeze up frequently. I would delete emails in my inbox only to find them back in my box. I wouldn’t delete others and they would end up deleted. Mostly on laptop or desktop. It was very frustrating. More frustrating was an inability to get any support from Yahoo. And few self-help FAQs on the web. So, I packed up and left.


  6. In my world, technologically limited though it may be, ‘yahoo’ is a dirty word. I am considering a return to pen and paper…


  7. Ack, David, I can feel your pain in every sentence. I, too, hate changes such as these. But remember, change can be also invigorating, liberating, exhilarating!! As ole’ Ben Franklin said: “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” 😉


    • Ah, smiling then laughing. My life coach. Who sits with her state of the art Comcast cable email address…probably had it since the day she placed the cable box on her TV. Sitting blissfully enjoying the summer breeze while I’m cursing my stupidity. I bow to you.


      • Glad I could bring a smile to your face, David. My work is done. 🙂 And yes, Comcast and I go *way* back. I do have a gmail account as well, but I just find the interface too clunky. :-/ As for the beautiful summer day, alas, I’m enjoying it vicariously out my office window as I bang away at the keyboard on a writing assignment. No rest for the wicked, you know…. 😉


  8. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Laughing. Sorry. Just quit Facebook cold turkey. No good-bye message. No backing up of anything. Brute force and all that. And what a relief!!!


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