Look for those small openings

natalie goldberg

We have this life. We live it day by day. It passes quickly. Sometimes not quickly enough- we get despondent, sullen, downcast. Those are good words. In those slow moments something might appear- a chance to fall through our blistering fast-paced lives to the other side, where we can turn around and view ourselves, take a curious interest. Underneath everything we long to know ourselves. We wouldn’t know it though by the way we act- chugging down another whiskey, not listening to our daughter at breakfast, going sixty in a twenty zone. Reaching to get away; longing to come home. In writing, in sitting, in slow walking, a flash, a moment appears when we fall through and what we are fighting, running from, struggling with becomes open, luminous- or, even better, not a problem, just what it is. Look for those small openings.

~ Natalie Goldberg

Natalie Goldberg, 65, is an American popular New Age author, speaker, teacher and painter. She is best known for a series of books which explore and practice writing as Zen practice. Her 1986 book Writing Down the Bones sold over a million copies and is considered an influential work on the craft of writing. Her 2013 book, The True Secret of Writing, is a follow-up to that work.  Goldberg has studied Zen Buddhism for more than thirty years. She has been teaching seminars in writing as a practice for the last thirty years. People from around the world attend her life-changing workshops and she has earned a reputation as a great teacher. The Oprah Winfrey Show sent a film crew to spend the day with Natalie for a segment on Spirituality that covered her writing, teaching, painting, and walking meditation. (Sources: Wiki & NatalieGoldberg.com)

Credits: Quote – Thank you makebelieveboutique.com.  Photograph: kripalu.org


  1. Such an engaging woman. “Writing Down The Bones” is a longtime favorite…..


  2. she is my mentor and muse though she does not know it


  3. Those spaces in between – the more they are noticed, the more it bring me back to that which really matters.


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  5. “Those small openings”…are precious moments of life, yes.


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  7. “Writing Down the Bones” changed my life. I thought I was *so* cool to live in Minneapolis at the same time she did.


  8. Very well written! I am with you David I have never heard of her.


  9. Me, either. I have now. Thank you!



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  2. […] Look for those small openings (davidkanigan.com) […]


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