Pure Michigan

30 seconds. And this message has stuck with me all week. 25,000 Mornings. That’s all we have. Thank you MJ for this post and for your great blog. Have a great Hump Day.

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Today, I’m happy to have a road trip.

Today, I’m even happier I can pack a healthy lunch to take with me.

Today, I’m headed to Saginaw, Michigan and no, there’s no major highways in sight.

Nope, I chose the more rural route.

I know it will take longer as there’s only two lanes for most of the way.

But that’s OK with me.

Because today I’m heading out to see farms and fields and Amish bread stands.  Seeders and tillers and market gardens.  Local country stores and farm trucks headed for town.

Today, I’m heading out .. to Pure Michigan.

Where are you headed today?

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  1. Thank you for the love; the 25,000 mornings quote got me, too. I’m not wasting it on bad coffee, grumpy people or city driving. 🙂 MJ


  2. the number grips me…


  3. Yikes! Is that all?


  4. Michael Zahaby says:

    I’m a true scarlet and grey Buckeye. So, naturally, Michigan is not in my travel plans, unless we are going up to Ann Arbor to kick’em in the — (LOL)


  5. Hum…. 25,000.00 mornings is only 68 1/2 years…I certainly am praying for way more mornings than that 🙂


  6. Lkanigan says:

    Damn it…shouldn’t have got the calculator out. Got minimum 9500 mornings to go but I’m thankful & blessed I have that many!!


  7. Yes, 25,000 mornings (give or take) it dawns on us to go spend some of them…..with all of you guys. Yea, that’s good. Thanks, David.


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