5:27 am. And Inspired.

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Good Wednesday morning. I’ve been on a siesta the last few weeks with my inspiring posts of the week.  We’re back.

Kurt Harden @ Cultural Offering with his post titled You Sir at Pump 16….   I watched this clip three times.  Susan watched it.  The kids watched it.  We all loved it.  Do yourself a favor and start your day with a smile.  Hit this link.

Rian @ Truth and Cake with her post Forget The Blueprint, Ride the Mechanical Bull: “…Often, we’re so hellbent on getting it right that we miss the point entirely. The right career, the right school, the right spouse, the right restaurant, the movie with the good reviews, wearing the right outfit and snagging that just right opportunity and hopefully doing something really meaningful and perfect with our lives: these things obsess us.  I can look back on a (very large) handful of times in my life when I was given an amazing opportunity or experiencing something really great that, in retrospect, I stressed way too much over. Will I blow this? Will it work out? Where’s the next opportunity going to come from? What if people think I’m crazy?…Read more of this great post from a Freshly Pressed Blogger @ this link.

Seventhvoice with her post A Childless Mother, Is still A Mother. Though her arms may be empty… her heart never will: “Mother’s Day has always been an incredibly difficult day for me. Filled as it is with  mixed emotions but not for the reasons you might think. It’s not a difficult day for me because I have a son with Autism or a daughter on the spectrum. In many ways their presence here helps to counteract the whirlpool of emotions that this day normally stirs up in me. Mother’s day is hard for me because I am, or at least I would have been, had everything gone to plan, the mother of seven children. You see, four of my lovely ones never made it kicking and screaming into the light of this world…”  Read more of this moving post @ this link.

Sheri @ The Other Side of Ugly with her post The Certain Curtain: “There’s a rhythm to your thinking that affects the way you dance life’s dance. There’s a energy your body emits that projects you at glance…Do you know that you create who YOU are, based on what you think and see? It’s true you’re not the creators of anything ~ yet in a very big way you create your own reality. Stop and think about that for a second…There is only one thing that I can say I know for certain … every thought you think pulls back a telling curtain…” Read more of this post @ this link.

Before the DownBeat with his post 10,000 Hours or 22,000 Days: “There is certainly something to be said for putting in the time.  Repetition breeds confidence, and in the case of music, there are time honored traditions for putting in the right kind of practice…But to reduce music making to craft status is missing the boat.  A true artist looks beyond the technique to a deeper core of understanding.  Certainly good technique must come first.  But deftness merely functions as the key to unlocking the real doors that lie ahead...”  Read more of this post @ this link.

We’ll close with a shot of a pygmy hippo from Unusually Cute…how can you not love this little guy!

Baby Hippo

Happy Hump Day…


  1. That first clip has me laughing out loud (a little bizarre at 5:45 in the morning but what the heck, the Sirs only looked up once)…And the pygmy hippo – I’m in love. Now to enjoy the rest of your recommendations. Happy Hump Day to you too..


  2. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    Loved the Tonight Show video. Thanks for starting the day with a good laugh! What could be better than that?


  3. You Sir at Pump 16…Rock on!! Thanks for starting my day with happy laughter!


  4. Great posts this week (as always), David, and I’ve just got two words for you: DANCE BREAK! 🙂


  5. cool


  6. Great posts, but love that tiny hippo!


  7. Your inspiring posts of the week inspired me to do my salutes to bloggers. Thanks for sharing these wonderful blogs and the inspiration.



  8. Loved all of these David, thank you for inclusion me, honored-truly.


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