5:02 am. And Inspired.

Florida, butterflies, orange

Good Wednesday morning. Here are my selections of the inspiring posts of the week:

Jon-Mark Davey, South Florida Wildlife Photography kicks us off with his photograph of a orange butterfly shot at Rock Springs Park, Apopka, Florida.  Check out one amazing shot after another at Jon-Mark’s site at this link.

Annabel Ruffell @ Journey For Earth with her post titled I am Enough: “But…Often in my life I have felt that I am not enough.  I am not being a good enough mother, a good enough friend, a good enough person…I am not doing enough, being enough, am just not enough…”  Beautiful post.  Read more at this link.

Bonnie @ Pagekeeper with a letter to her her son titled Not All At Once: You, growing up, is a long game and even though you and I both want it to all be ok for you right now, let’s both try to remember that you need to take your own time with things.  I want you to know that everything I do is for you – so that things are better for you.  So that your easy laugh and smiling eyes are always what people see first when they meet you...”  Moved.  Inspired by this post.  Read more at this link.

Coach Bill Moore with his share in a To Run – A Prayer for Boston: “I will take you…on in the street…Every breath of mine…I will consume your hate…I will run straight into you…as if you were a finish line of joy…picking up the fallen…along the way…you will never stop me.”  Wonderful.  Read full poem by Scott Poole at this link.

Susan Barrett Kelley @ The Development Sherpa with her post titled Too Many Words: Too Little Understanding: “Legend has it that Six Word Stories started with a challenge to Ernest Hemingway: write a story in six words of less. Hemingway responded with…What’s your six-word story?”  Loved this post.  Read more at this link.

Nathan Filbert @ The Whole Hurly Burly with his post The Writer: A Context Out of Context: “Faced with the blank page, Writer runs. Confronting the white spaces, Writer enters. Emptiness indicating gaps.  The writer attempts to cross. In theory this is “bridging” – the ability to construct a bridge. In practice, Writer uses words like rope. Without them he would fall. Plummet. In the presence of what infers silence, Writer hears patterns and rhythms. Sometimes also sees…If the tracks are laid, Writer composes rails.” I could only dream of piecing together something this good. Read more at this link.

We’ll close with a shot (April Showers?) from Susan Licht @ Licht Years.  I found Susan’s blog yesterday.  As they say, Lady has Big Talent.  

Rainy Days in April - Lichtyears

Happy Hump Day…


  1. Very beautiful images.


  2. Love the butterfly photo and the last one–they really are perfect choices at this time of year.


  3. Alex Jones says:

    Great links and butterfly image.


  4. I don’t have time right now to check your always inspiring blog references…due to my own melting day…but I will, later on today. Lovely photos…thanks David!


  5. Thank you David, I’m honored to be in this company, and ever-so-grateful my work was inspiring.


  6. So lovely to wake up today and find my post, my letter, linked here and to be included in such amazing company. I am honored…thank you for the seat at today’s table. Stunning images to punctuate your post. Thank you…


  7. Bill Moore’s Prayer for Boston is a fine poem. Much better than making a “statement” with bombs.


  8. Great choices David…thank you for sharing them with us 🙂


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