Driving. With Mellencamp.

Shut down PC.
Stuff my briefcase with weekend reading. I Smile.
Another form of Exercise in futility.
I won’t get to it.
Slump into car. Spent.
4-day week. Felt like six.
Pre Good Friday weekend traffic backed up on 95.
Stealing glances at blackberry.
Flicking through iTunes list.
Land on Mellencamp. John Mellencamp.

Hurts So Good.

When I was a young boy
Said put away those young boy ways
Now that I’m gettin’ older
So much older
I love all those young boy days

Memories flood. Awed.
How? How a mere few bars can take you back.
To a moment. In 1982. A technicolor and edited version.

In a jeep.
Full immersion in British Columbia Pure.
Green spruces tower above.
Crystal air gushes into cab.
Crickets singing in full chorus.
Body swaying left and then right,
along with the switches and bends of a re-surfaced Crowsnest Highway

Hurts so good…

Don’t see clearcuts.
Don’t smell forest fires.
Don’t feel mosquitos as large as dandelions.

I ain’t talkin’ no big deals
I ain’t made no plans myself

No Blackberries and cell phones, they’ve yet to be born.
No Sunday night anxieties in prepping for the work week.
No plans.
No deadlines.
No commitments.
Nowhere to go.
Only plan?


Hurts so good.

Maybe we could walk around
All day long
Walk around
All day long

Hurts so good.

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  1. I love your drives home…..always good for some great music and walk down memory lane.


  2. I love the concise nature of your writing!


  3. I love your writings, Dave.


  4. I’m there…I feel it. Rest, try to de-stress, try to feel good…and make it a good three-day weekend. Love to you, David.


  5. Your writing transports, David, a wonderful thing. You have a *gift* my friend. Never lose sight of that….


  6. Love it, David. I’ve got this song on my workout list. Hurt so Good!!


  7. Ooh … hurts so good, it really does.

    I put on the out of office, turned on the alternate voice mail and haven’t checked either since I left at 4pm yesterday … bliss.

    You’ve just written what we all long to do — step – far – away – and – back – in – time – too!

    Happy Easter!


  8. 1980/81; University of Florida; pulling all-nighters, studying for finals and breaking the tension with Hurts So Good. Those were the days…..Great memories!


  9. jolynproject says:

    Love this.


  10. “Sometimes love don’t feel like it should”…I get into the rhythm of your drive home, the movement into memory. And the knowledge that there is so much more to your life than a compressed work week and mountains of work that will be left unattended so you can find time to live. You’re a powerful talent DK, truly awesome. Oh – full stop.


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