4:26 am. And Inspired.

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Good Wednesday morning.  Here’s my selection of inspiring posts of the week.

  1. Thank you Megan @ Make Something Mondays for her post More Than Photographs where she shares the photo above and a collection of similar inspiring shots.  See more here
  2. Russ Towne @ A Grateful Man with his post: There is Greatness in Goodness.   ” I just flashed back to a scene in the movie where a man with many flaws who has wanted his whole life to be great and failed over and over again finally does something that is indeed great. The woman he is with says something to him that is profound. It went something like this: Yes, you were great. “But you were also something much better than that…Read more here.
  3. Julie @ jmgoyder with her post Gutsy9’s Growth: I look forward to each post (pictures and updates) on G9’s development.  G9 is a orphaned baby peacock which Julie has adopted.  And there has been an exciting new development.  “But guess what? I think he might…Read more here.
  4. Renplus @ for her post titled Cocoon Breaks Open. “The enormity of Monday’s layoff didn’t sink in until yesterday, and I allowed myself to grieve finally. It needed to happen, and I was proud that I could experience it, release the pain, and move forward. Some beautiful things that I never expected really touched me, though…” Read more here.
  5. Pavlos @ Coaching Dreams shares a post titled Stairway to Heaven. “One of the world’s most amazing love stories, happened on a mountain in China. In a country where a man’s marriageability hinges on whether he owns an apartment, and mistresses act as a status symbol for the rich and powerful, it is not surprising that Chinese have become enchanted by a story of love at its purest and most humble. How many people in contemporary China—or anywhere else—would give up everything they have to be with the one they love?”  Read more here.
  6. Anneli @ Words From Anneli with her post Friendly Birds. “Commercial fishing can be a lonely life, so it’s only natural that any friendly visit  would be welcomed. When my husband is away fishing near the Queen Charlotte Islands, now renamed Haida Gwaii,  he is often visited by pigeon guillemots, some of the friendliest birds on the coast. Read more...
  7. Nuages Verts shares the photo below along with a collection of five other shots.  See more here.

dogs sleeping with babies

Have a great Hump Day.


  1. Have a good day..


  2. Thanks David!


  3. Alex Jones says:

    Baby and dogs, nice.


  4. Wow. Quite a collection of goodies this morning! Loved all the blogs but Megan’s photos took my breath away.


  5. Love your links today, especially Gutsy9 and Friendly birds, Have a great day.



  6. This was probably your best morning inspiration. I am inspired.


  7. Those are great pictures David, have a wonderful evening!


  8. Thanks for the pingpong, David.


  9. Those pictures are priceless.


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