4:01 am. And Inspired.

Ha Ling Peak, Alberta, Canada, mountain, sunrise, river, landscape, photography

Good Thursday morning.  (Yes, we’re mixing it up a bit.  Slept in yesterday.)  Here’s my selection of inspiring posts of the week.

That’s Patrick Latter‘s photograph above of Canmore Mountains in Alberta.  Be sure to check out Patrick’s blog, Canadian Hiking Photography, where every post is an inspiration.

John E. Smith @ The Strategic Learner with his post: Why We Have Social Media.  John’s post reminded me of the incredible virtual friendships that I have made on this blogging journey.  Thank you all for reading, following, commenting, sharing and joining me for the ride.  I’m grateful.  Check out John’s short post at this link.

Tim Mushey @ Sell, Lead, Succeed with his post: Communication Breakdown – My Stuttering Journey: I once knew a boy…Who was horrified to get called on to speak out loud in grade school class…Stood behind his mom or dad’s leg every time as a child when people tried to speak to him in public…Would cry himself to sleep on occasion as a child wondering why he was different and did not speak like everyone else…Once had a teacher stop him from speaking out loud in class, came up to him, asked him to open his mouth and checked if “there was an answer” to his speech issues in there… Read more at this link.

Trisha Pearson @ Notes From the Fog with her post: My Get-it-Together Plan: “I feel like pain and fatigue have turned me in to a doormat for life to wipe its feet on…Well, I’ve had enough! From now on…”   Read more at this link.

Susan @ The Development Sherpa with her post Five Ideas to Spread the Valentine Day Spirit at Work: #1. Count how many “human moments” you can have at work…I actually tried 2 of her ideas and they worked!  Read more at this link.

And the Hump Day Inspiring Image of the Week comes to us from Maralee @ Through My Lens with her post iPhone Flowers.  That’s one her shots below.  Check out her other iPhone shots at this link.

flower, petal, iphone, picture, photography, pink


  1. Can’t wait to catch up with Wednesday’s recommendations.


  2. Thanks for the mention of my blog post this morning David! It means a lot that you would do that. Have an awesome day and thanks again…


  3. Maria Mendizabal says:

    Good morning to everyone ! A very Happy Valentines Day to all! Let’s make this Love and Friendship Day very special in our lives. To Dave, thank you so much for lifting our spirit every day with your inspiration and kindness. We enjoy your press and are very inspired as we start our day. To all, your comments are wonderful!


  4. Thank you David! I am tickled that the ideas worked! Yeah! Love to you, Susan and your children on Love’s Day!


  5. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Always love, love, LOVE Patrick’s photos! I see that… and I want to just go and climb those incredible mountains. Have a great day, Dave 🙂


  6. Appreciate the mention, David. You are one of the folks in my mind when I talk about the value of social media and connections. Stay warm – glad to see you sleep in every once in a while … good for the soul:)



  7. Thank you so much for the mention! It’s my first ping-back ever! (I think.) And it has given me a bit of much-needed encouragement to keep fighting for my goals. I let my determination slip a few times over the past week but I’m getting myself back on track now. Thank you!


  8. petit4chocolatier says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!


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