Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Join in our meditation chant…

bird, kingfisher, black-capped kingfisher, nature, gif

Source: headlikeanorange

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  1. You know I love these wake-up calls…and I like this little guy/gal too – though it does look as if he/she is about to be sick..


  2. Morning neck ups! One, two. One, two…..


  3. Those morning calls are all just part of the routine and I don’t think much about them.
    But when something happens and I don’t hear it, I surely notice that something is missing.


  4. LOL … the first thought that came to mind was heads popping up over cubicles. Perhaps because it’s Monday?


  5. Reblogged this on My Blog portions and commented:
    I am here at the time we agreed and you are as usual late..then why call me? Now I have to do neck exercise on my own..


  6. I see my monday morning list needs work, after reading yours. Mine currently starts with Alarm, ouch after stubbing toe on the way to the coffee maker, (censored) from adding more cold water to the shower when I wanted more hot water to rinse the soap out of my eyes, the sound of the rapid transit tarin doors sound strangely similar to the sound of a can of sardines being sealed this morning. However this was just one morning, and thanks to your post, I am smiling anf ready to tackle the day. 🙂


  7. Looks like its doing a bird exercise!! LOL!!


  8. Sorry, but I’m with Mimi on this one. That was my first thought too. This bird is going to regurgitate something. Then I thought maybe he’s singing, but of course there’s no sound so we can’t tell if he’s making singing noises or sick noises. But look at it this way, you got our attention! Now we’re awake.


  9. 🙂


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