Monday morning wake-up call

nature, photograph

Source: Thank you Mme Scherzo

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  1. Whoooo goes there? Sorry, that was terrible..Love the looks on their faces..Happy Monday David..

  2. WHAT are you waiting for? Get up!! :-)

  3. Those piercing eyes! Beautiful.

  4. Reblogged this on My Blog free thoughts and commented:
    mama mia here we go again..

  5. Those eyes are mesmerizing and hypnotic. Beautiful picture.

  6. Blue eyes? I always thought owl eyes were yellow. They’re really pretty owls anyway, whatever colour their eyes are.

  7. Beautiful baby blues!

  8. Too cute, David… Love them..! ;)

  9. Is it a painting or real birds. Their expression is so amazing.

  10. Gorgeous image…and those expressions to the phrase about a photo being worth a thousand word… I bet they could get a roomful of first graders to sit down and be quiet!

  11. Cuteness runs rampant on your blog every Monday morning with these images.

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