Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Let’s Go!


Source: fairy-wren

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  1. Good morning to you. Hope it’s a great Monday. :)

  2. If this little guy or girl is practicing for their future role, s/he is doing a fabulous job!! Good morning!

  3. If that’s not a clarion call, I’ll put in with ya! Morning all!! :-)

  4. A good morning to you David, have a good week like this bird intends to do.

  5. Oh, how adorable!

  6. “Mom, where’s my breakfast?”

  7. Caption: “Has anyone seen my socks?”

  8. I love your bird photos!

  9. That has got to be one of the funniest Monday bird photos ever! Thanks for the smile.

  10. Cute little birdie!!

  11. And a great Monday it was! :D

  12. I have started to love birds because of your photos :D

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