Overcoming Obstacles…

Source: 3eanuts

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  1. Ah Snoopy..

  2. …he is meditating now! :lol:

  3. Hey, that’s kinda how I look before I hit the ladder in the morning! ;-)

  4. *Dissapointed and lost* is my interpretation of him.

  5. Like most dogs, I’m guessing if there was a bowl of food on the other side of that fence, he would figure it out in no time!

  6. He is weighing his options. Over, around or under.


  7. Nothing like a house fire to get your day off to a challenging start….

  8. That’s not supposed to happen to Snoopy!

  9. Gotta love Snoopy. :)

  10. Where will he sleep now? Poor Snoopy :)

  11. Genius…sheer genius…captured so well…be encouraged!

  12. I figure it was his house. I have created the most beautiful blogs and a technical glitch causes me to loose it all; it is an obstacle to overcome to rebuild what is lost.

    I was destructive by accident today. I walked into a spider web I failed to see, the giant spider was probably unhappy about that, but it will rebuild again. The snails I did not see was unlucky too, I trod on them – they will have no opportunity to rebuild their “homes”. Life can be unfair.

  13. David, I am inviting you to the Ligo Circle of Appreciation. This is not an award per se, but a chance to highlight 2 bloggers per day for 22 days in October.

    Thank you to a fellow hockey guy for the contributions along the way.


  14. Not Perfect Me says:

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