Today will be…

Charlie Brown - Schroeder - Snoopy - Beautiful

Source: moltovivace via madamescherzo

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  1. No matter how you look at it – it is going to be beautiful. Which can make a person (or a dog) a little giddy you know?

  2. Reblogged this on Simple.Interesting. and commented:
    Thank you David for sharing.

  3. Not “going to be”. “IS”!

  4. It’s a beautiful morning. Yea!


  5. What a brilliant cartoonist!!!!!!!! Look at that Snoopy expression, posture etc… Done so many years ago and still remains so fresh. Made my day!

  6. beautiful! :)

  7. Beautiful indeed! When you start the morning in such august company, how can it be anything but?! :-). Wishing everyone a sun filled day!

    • I get my vocabulary lesson from you each morning. In one sentence, you have me scratching my head…(then of course asking myself can I be so shallow?)…august…august…august. Have never heard it used this way. Needed to look it up. august adj. Inspiring awe or admiration; majestic. Thanks. Keep them coming. Maybe with your help I will extend my vocab beyond my 35 word roster.

  8. Sometimes you just can’t contain yourself! Love this.

  9. II 4S Aopmrdd says:

    snoopy ….lovely forever~

  10. Yes it will be…no matter what!

  11. YES, THAT’S ME!

  12. Love it. PS If your fitness instructor has you doing “the plank” remember that Snoopy started the craze. He planks on his dog house all the time.

  13. Sweet!

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