I need to read…

eye blinking - human - cat

It happened in a blink of an eye.  More than 25 years ago.  My collegiate hockey career, for what it was, was long behind me.  This was a pick-up game.  A lazy Saturday afternoon.  I should have been watching the Michigan Wolverines on the tube.  Yet, if you know a hockey player, you can’t take the game out of the player. (If one could only roll the tape back and bend the story a wee bit.)

It begins and ends with coolness – Real Men don’t wear face masks. Right.

I could hear the defender chasing me from behind – his skate blades cutting the ice. (Swoosh right.  Swoosh left. Swoosh right.  Swoosh left.  All moving in slow motion now.)  He was closing in.

I went down.  Fellow player, Doc Lovell, bent over and  said “Lay still Dave.”  I shouted back: “WIPE THE SWEAT FROM MY EYES, DOC.”

I could hear murmuring from the others.  If I had heard them, they might have said…Sweat doesn’t gush, it drips. Sweat doesn’t ooze from your right eye-ball.  And, Sweat certainly doesn’t come in blood red.”

Roll forward.  I’m wrestling with Zeke.  It’s Dad and Zeke’s Saturday afternoon playtime.  I’m yanking on his left paw.  He swipes at me with his right and lands his punch.  I go down.  My same right eye instantly tears up and swells.  My lid progressively darkens and pusses like rotting fruit.  My vision is blurry for the next week.

The teen days of crashing around over. A quiet walk in the woods.  A long slow run.  A short swim.  A bike ride.

I need my eyes.

I need to see.

I need to read.

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Image Source: d-dejavu via abirdeyeview


  1. Hope you can see clearly now the pain is gone…(song lyric from…)


  2. Wow David..I winced as I read about your last day of hockey (real men don’t wear hockey masks? Really? What are those guys wearing on the Caps team – and every other team might I add). Ouch and awful and viscerally painful. I think Zeke would be fine with lots of affection and some really good walks…a little catch perhaps..some kisses and hugs. Sigh – I hope you’re feeling better.


  3. Great picture.


  4. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    With you all the way on the need to read.
    Next time you’re wrestling with Zeke just wear that helmet already.


  5. And a face guard!


  6. Makes me stop and think. The things we take for granted! For those of us who read and write, our eyes are almost our life.


  7. Ouch! Hope your eye heals beautifully and quickly. Love the image — makes me think of the song Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.


  8. Dude! You ok? Maybe you need this post on audiobooks?! http://e1evation.com/2012/09/25/3-5-tips-for-driven-drivers/ Seriously. You OK?


  9. You’re not losing a step. Just don’t mess with Zeke. He’s probably a bad ass!


  10. Oh yea…the hockey reminders of the clear sounds before the pain & numbness and right before the blackout. Then the “I cant believe” that just happened. Thank goodness for meeting great people or my face would still be full of zippers. Maybe invest in some wrap around googles. Lol. Then again that might fire Zeke up even more!


  11. I hope you’re okay. I’ve tried to “recapture my younger days” too many times that ended in “I wish I hadn’t done that.” I’m still suffering from back pain from getting on a trampoline 5 years ago. My husband still reminds me that he told me not to do it. :-). Take care.


    • We’re good Maralee. I’m too uncoordinated to even think about getting on a trampoline – I can envision getting launch into orbit and landing on something that wouldn’t be pleasant. 🙂


  12. Bubble wrap…that’s what I sound like getting out of bed in the morning…snap, crapple, plop. Don’t throw up heavy weights anymore. Can’t even pick them up anymore. Last time I tried to throw a football, it landed about 25 feet short of my target. My orthopedist told me it was a good thing that I don’t walk on my hands – and showed me the x-rays of my shoulders.

    I’m sticking with books…only way I can hurt myself is reaching for the lower bookshelves. Learned to ask for help…then again, the librarians do seem to be getting younger and better looking these days…

    Cool graphic by the way… 🙂

    – J.


    • Relative to the visual you present (love the snap, crapple, pop btw), I feel like a teenager again. And I’m with you on the sticking with books thing. PIck-up games in any sport have potential for serious long lasting damage. Thanks for dropping by Jeff.


  13. David

    I scanned the previous comments and my concern level is less elevated, but gosh, guy, take care of yourself:)

    BTW, very evocative writing, as usual. Now my eye hurts like a son-of-a-gun and I didn’t do anything to it.

    Be safe, friend … many folks depend on your continuing wisdom and elegant thoughts.



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  15. wow.. what an amazing post. the sync of the human/cat eyes is amazing as well. how did you do that?


  16. Brilliant photo combination … my friend has nearly lost her sight in less then 7 months – terrible and the whole world has changed for her .. she has to rethink everything – she can’t use her credit card for shopping any longer … she have to ask about prices .. she had to sell her car, 5 months ago .. she have to ask about what depature times trains and buses has. She loves to read .. now she has to listen. Yes, we need our eyes … even if it’s only one. Hope of all my heart that you will get your sight back.


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