T.G.I.F.: Raptor Sighting Down Under…

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  1. Laughing…where do you find these clips? Don’t answer ‘youtube’ – I’ve got that..


  2. YouTube. 🙂 And, yes, I, too couldn’t stop laughing!


  3. I can almost always tell a real Raptor from a fake one. That is NOT a real one.


  4. Haha. What a great way to start a Friday! That Raptor IS real!


  5. The ridiculous thing is that my heart was racing every time he ran toward something or vocalized. I kept thinking–“Look at the legs, Lori, it’s a guy in there!”. Fun to suspend belief for a few moments….


  6. I was trying to figure out how the guy inside would move the “thing’s” head, and open and close its mouth. Maybe sticks and strings like a puppet? I hope he has a recording he plays for the roaring noise. If he used his voice he’d go home with a pretty sore throat. Can you imagine the nightmares kids would have if they saw that thing on the street? Never mind kids… I’m sure I’d dream about it too.


  7. Fantastic…and even thought I saw the guys legs, [and found myself wishing they found a way to make them not show…] it still got me when the raptor ‘went for’ someone! Great find!


  8. Alex Jones says:

    That is so clever. I want one of those for Colchester 🙂

    Did you know chickens are descended from T-Rex ?


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