Warm. Soft. Rain.

cloud plumeI’m running.  Glance down at my watch.  A good pace.  Feels good.  A mile out.  Rain starts to fall.


(Thoughts move from light to dark. Huh? Why now?  Find myself losing pace and losing oxygen…gulping air.)

Eckhart Tolle begins whispering to me: "Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking…Don’t try to stop them. Just watch them. Still your mind. Watch them float gently down stream."


(I can’t do this.  I’m blocking.  I’m resisting.  I’m trying to turn them away and replace with sunny others.)

Pace moves to a crawl.  Legs feel heavy.  I feel HEAVY.

(Neil Diamond pops in.  “He Ain’t Heavy. He’s my Brother.”  I start humming the tune.  OMG. I’ve completely lost it.  Oh, the h*ll with Eckhart.  I’m going to mentally bend and turn dark to light.  Fill up the tank and re-program with NLP.  I turn to one-word association with my blogger friends.)

    Darkness fades like an early morning fog.  (Take that Eckhart!  DK does it his way.)  My pace returns.  I finish my run.
Keep falling.

Image Source: madamescherzo via magicalnaturetour

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  1. you’re an inspiration my friend 😉


  2. I love being a part of your blogger friends and that your thoughts took on a rhythm that helped you finish your run. I don’t know that I could associate one adjective with you David – tho’ I mean that in a good way! 🙂


  3. I’m honored to have been a member of the cohort that gave you the oomph you needed to get that run done in style this morning, David!! As Mimi said, one word for *you* is tough, but if I had to choose, I’d say *inspirational.* And in keeping with my happy theme :-), I would like to share a video that I friend sent me this morning that made me happier still. I dare ya to watch this and not smile….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzkEwPZWALA&feature=player_embedded


  4. Wow I am honored but it’s me or some other Indira. I have read in many books to just watch your thought, but find it very difficult.



  1. […] groan, guffaw, or giggle virtually every day.  One of David’s posts this morning, “Warm. Soft.Rain,” absolutely made my day.  In it, he mentioned one-word associations that sprang to mind for some of […]


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