Monday Morning Wake-Up Call…

Photo Creditsfairy-wren. The Tawny Frogmouth is a type of bird found throughout the Australian mainland, Tasmania and southern New Guinea.  They can weigh 1.5 lbs to 3.1 lbs. They make loud clacking sounds with their beaks and emit a reverberating booming call.  They hunt at night and spend the day roosting on a dead log or tree branch close to the tree trunk.   

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  1. For a brief second those yellow eyes scared the hell out of me…then I looked at it again and fell in love with its face that only-a-parent-could-love. Happy Monday…


  2. Aren’t these just the COOLEST birds? Encountered them on a trip to Australia and was completely enthralled. The little guy looks like he’s made up of dryer lint! 🙂


  3. Quite the little fuzz balls!


  4. Alex Jones says:

    If I did not know it I would have thought those were a toy animal. This animal looks interesting 🙂

    Today does not feel like a Monday, everyone is celebrating the Queens Jubilee in UK with street parties, so it is a long weekend into Wednesday.


  5. Amazing, I have never seen such a live fuzzy little thing like this…too cute


  6. Capt. Savage says:

    And they are really hard to spot as their feather colour blends into the trees. We used to feed a couple of them in our back yard at my parents house.


  7. I love hearing the owls that live in the trees beside our house. I doubt if the feral rabbits feel the same way though.


  8. The picture made my day!


  9. These Monday Morning Wake Up Calls help get me started! 🙂


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