Weekend Roundup…(including The Denali Climb by 5 Wounded Warriors with 4 Good Legs Between Them…)

WEEKEND ROUNDUPHere’s some noteworthy leading, learning & living articles that I came across this week …

Forbes: Intelligence Is Overrated: What You Really Need To Succeed. “Albert Einstein’s was estimated at 160, Madonna’s is 140, and John F. Kennedy’s was only 119, but as it turns out, your IQ score pales in comparison with your EQ, MQ, and BQ scores when it comes to predicting your success and professional achievement.”

(((Note to Tom Hood: Thanks for sharing.  Thank goodness Intelligence research is moving in my direction. Smile )))

WSJ: Mom Was Right: Go Outside. “Children spend more than 4 hours a day with technology and there’s no longer time for nature…latest research – untamed landscapes have a restorative effect, calming our frazzled nerves…after a brief exposure to the outdoors, people are more creative, happier and better able to focus.” 

(((Note: And here I sit, inside, banging away on keyboard.  Hmmmmm.)))

WSJ: A Real Man’s Place Is in the Kitchen. “Given the choice between dinner and diapers, pans and pacifiers, or doing anything that takes away from play time with knives — this was a no-brainer.”

(((Note: And let’s not forget – – after Mom is done with diapers and baths, she needs to clean-up the pots, pans and dishes after the feast is completed!)))

WSJ: Why They Serve—’If Not Me, Then Who?  “I served in the military for 30 years. But it was impossible to fully understand the sacrifices of our troops and their families until April 29, 2007, the day my son, First Lt. Travis Manion, was killed in Iraq. Travis was just 26 years old when an enemy sniper’s bullet pierced his heart…” 

(((Note: Thank you Joe for sharing a similar inspiring article on Friday. Joe stated: “I’ve always been inspired by the sacrifices of our vets.  If I ever think that our days are difficult, I think about being 19, in uniform and fighting for my life and Country.  After that, the day’s problems never seem as challenging.  I’m with you Joe. I’m with you.)))

Yahoo Finance: Wounded Warrior Team to Climb Denali, the Highest Mountain in North America: 5 Wounded Warriors. 4 Good Legs. 3 Wars. 2 Generations. 1 Mountain.

5 climbers, with only four "good legs" between them, from three wars and two generations will climb the highest mountain in North American and one of the coldest in the world.  The trip is set to begin on June 10, shortly after Memorial Day, to honor the sacrifices of America’s heroes, and end around Independence Day, a day that celebrates the freedoms won by military service members.

The team includes retired Army Sgt. Neil Duncan, 29, a double-leg amputee injured in Afghanistan;Marine Capt. David Borden, 31, who, after losing his leg above the knee to a suicide bomb in Iraq in 2008, returned to combat in Afghanistan in 2011; retired Army Cpl. Steve Martin, 42, a double-leg amputee injured in Afghanistan; retired Army Capt. Jesse Acosta, 34, who suffered permanent damage to hip, leg and back in Iraq; and retired Army Sgt. Kirk Bauer, JD, 64, an above-knee amputee injured in Vietnam and the Executive Director of Disabled Sports USA for the past 29 years.

Follow Team Warfighter Sports’ progress, view photos and support the team athttp://www.crowdrise.com/wsdenalichallenge/fundraiser/disabledsportsusa4.

(((Note: Thank you Scott Barnett for sharing.  Inspiring story.)))

Happy Memorial Day Weekend…


  1. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    RE: Man’s Place in Kitchen… in line with your comment,Dave, Mom has also no doubt done all the shopping and made the darn DECISIONS about what to have for dinner. A man standing at a BBQ cannot legitimately take credit for cooking a meal.
    Am I ranting?


    • Hold on there LaDona. I make the decisions for dinner. (By you are right. I neglected to mention the grocery shopping. The Chef can’t be bothered or stressed with that. Mom does the grocery shopping and making the list for the needed goods! 🙂 )


  2. lkanigan says:

    Five great articles Dave! In one sitting being able to read where you can learn, be inspired, be emotional, be thankful and greatful is awesome. Keep up the great work!


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