(Very) little things, but maddening…

  • Opening ketchup top. Finding dried sludgy all over the top from prior user.  (Yuckkkkkkk!)
  • Putting on wrong color socks. (What exactly is the rush?)
  • Morning weigh-in: 2 lbs up (Weak man)
  • Waiting.  For anything.  For anyone. (7 minute limit before hyperventilation sets in)
  • 1 hour of work.  PC crashes. No back-up. (How many times has this happened?  When…when will you learn?)
  • Deep scuff on toe cap of dress shoes trying to extricate myself from cab. (Can cabbies push front seat any further back?)
  • Road trip.  Forgetting toiletry case at home. (Or  belt.  Or tie.  Or shirt.)
  • Splash salad dressing on new tie.  And then proceed to smudge spot larger with napkin.  (2x maddening.  Blood pressure surges.)
  • Going to dentist.  (A Curse.  Gag reflex not conducive to relaxing experience.)
  • Slow drivers in left lane. (Drive much?)
  • Telemarketers at dinner time. (Make my day.)
  • Ball point pen leaks in shirt pocket.  (Grrrrrrr…..)
  • Leaf blowers interrupting lazy Saturday afternoon naps. (These eco-unfriendly noise machines should be banned.  This is what precipitated this post (rant) this afternoon.)

How about you?  What’s your top trivial annoyance?

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Image Source: madamescherzo


  1. Why are you even think about such irritants on a Saturday afternoon? Another pet peeve-the last user forgetting to replace empty toilet paper rolls, snagging panty hose while putting them on for the first time, doggy paw prints on nice clothes as I’m heading out the door..z


  2. …and there’s no sense sharing these little frustrations widely or rashly, because they really are minor in retrospect. Had one of those days myself yesterday. Alaska Airline app keeps losing the boarding pass QR page, so I had to step out of security line and again out of the boarding line and finally get a paper pass. Then the GoGo inflight WiFi wouldn’t work on any of my three devices and I blew the whole flight chatting in vain with their customer service. Yes, the chat session worked, but I still couldn’t connect. Then, after I landed, I was hungry for Specialities Bakery, and I love their web app. I wasn’t in the office, so I searched for a location near me, but there was no map embedded in their m.site, so I had to circle the block three times and pay for parking to find them. It was all better when the manager listened attentively to my feedback and offered me a cookie. Yes, I am 6. 🙂

    Oh well, life is pretty good if those are the only things I had to complain about all day!


  3. Loved this JP. Laughing. So I’m not alone. And these events do seem to come in waves. Thanks for sharing…


    • My big one though is people who turn right on red in front of me in bumper to bumper traffic when I am being responsible and waiting for room before moving forward– not “blocking the box”, as you would say in New York. 😦

      Speaking of which, I will be there next week. Coffee Monday afternoon?


  4. Reculcitrant clingfilm, lost sellotape ends, jammed cotton reels, sock seams, fishbones, tailgaters, miniscule cooking instructions or anything else requiring a magnifying glass, telesales, people who don’t say please or thank you, liars, boasters…there’s loads more, but I don’t want my husband complaining his supper is late 😉


  5. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    As my 17-year-old daughter would say, Oh Muffin! 🙂
    Life is better than all that – the list is good for a laugh, though. And the image is hysterical.
    HOWEVER, my response would have been completely different had you posted this last night – so I guess we’re all entitled to the odd bad day…
    Have a fabulous rest of the weekend, Dave.


  6. I was going to add my two-bits’ worth but I’m laughing too hard.


  7. Having to go back into a room several times because I keep forgetting what I really went in there in the first place for.


  8. People who don’t wave back/say hello when you are the first to extend the greeting (does it *really* matter whether or not you know the person? Isn’t it OK to be friendly “just because?”). People who talk LOUDLY on their cellphone in a restaurant or store (N.B.: Though this may come as a terrible shock, your fellow shoppers/diners could have lived another day without the knowledge that, damnit, you told your kid that he wasn’t allowed to go out last night! Or whatever gripping news they’ve chosen to share at 10 decibels….)


  9. lkanigan says:

    Love the picture…reminds me of some of my sales reps. We do have the same genes as I am with you on almost all of your annoyances. For me, forgetting to shake the mustard so the mustard water doesnt go all over my sandwich. Craving ice cream only to find out that somebody left the box or tub empty in the freezer. The neighbors dog doing his business on our drive way every morning. Better stop there…blood pressure starting to rise!


    • Of course, the “mustard juice all over the hot dog bun before the mustard”. Great add. And ditto on the ice cream. I actually deleted the ice cream sundae – prep all done – no chocolate sauce. As to the dog doing his business in your yard, them are fighting words. 🙂


  10. Laughing out loud ! Its a reminder that we human beings waste our precious time over stupid things =)


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