Hump Day Inspiration: True Heroism is…

Quote Source: explore-blog

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  1. His was a life gone too soon – truly, a literary genius. I can’t profess that I didn’t struggle through parts of “Infinite Jest”, but the phenomenal talent that was behind that writing was never lost to me…Happy Hump Day…no, that sounds awful…Happy Wednesday..:-)


  2. Yes to all. 🙂 I struggled mightily to get through The Pale King. Not my favorite work but talent obvious throughout. Happy Wednesday to you too!


  3. A real leader does what is right even when no one is watching. When do you find time to read so much, David? Keep the ideas and inspiration coming.


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    Well said…


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    For all those who toil away quietly.


  6. Reblogged this post. Thanks for posting.


  7. Truly brave living, is this!


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