Most people only exist, never truly are at all…

“…Shakespeare’s Hamlet in his famed soliloquy pondered, “To be or not to be,” and thus faced squarely the primary challenge of life.  Most people only exist, never truly are at all…

…We exist in order that we may become something more than we are, not through favorable circumstance or auspicious occurrence, but through an inner search for increased awareness.  To be, to become, these are the commandments of evolving life, which is going somewhere, aspires to some unscaled heights, and the awakened soul answers the call, seeks, grows, expands.  To do less is to sink into the reactive prison of the ego, with all its pain, suffering, limitation, decay, and death.  The man who lives through reaction to the world about him is the victim of every change in his environment, now happy, now sad, now victorious, now defeated, affected but never affecting.  He may live years in this manner, rapt with sensory perception and the ups and downs of his surface self, but one day pain so outweighs pleasure that he suddenly perceives his ego is illusory, a product of outside circumstances only.  Then he either sinks into complete animal lethargy or, turning away from the senses, seeks inner awareness and self-mastery.  Then he is on the road to really living, truly becoming; then he begins to uncover his real potential; then he discovers the miracle of his own consciousness, the magic in his mind.

Mastery over life is not attained by dominion over material things, but by mental perception of their true case and nature.”

– U.S. Anderson, The Magic In Your Mind (Book Review)


Image: Winter Sun (Leonid Afremov) inspired by Michelle’s Post


  1. peter193710 says:

    True…. see please my Motto here:
    And please help with some translation- in case you have you have good friends speaking some languages except the 14 we already have- thanks!


  2. Hi Peter. Thanks for sharing your Motto…on point. DK





  4. Beautiful thought,lovely painting. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Your posts continue to amaze me. I think they are brilliant and well written. Thank you for sharing your work!


  6. Fabulous. Great quote. Couldn’t agree more. Become a hero, not a zombie!!


  7. Wow! Powerful, well writen and highly esoteric. Thank you so much for sharing!


  8. Terrific-inspiring and on-point. Your command of the language and prose are superlative. I enjoy your work. Thank you!


  9. hodgepodge4thesoul says:

    A good push that we all need…great post!


  10. Another great post. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Fantastic post. I appreciate words like these, they are very refreshing!


  12. …so true.


  13. I can’t begin to tell you how inspiring this post was to me. I’ve put it in a word document to print as soon as I take the laptop over to the printer. Then I am putting it on my wall to read every day. It just may be the thing that gets me out of the funk I’ve been in for awhile now. Thank you so much for the inspiration.


  14. one heckuva painting !!!!!!!!! this is one I’d give anything to own !!!!!!!!!!


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