Friday Night (long week) Reflection…


Thank you Mochagirlsread


  1. Interesting perspective. I never thought of it that way. I shall ponder this one.


  2. Perfection.


  3. This is a great reflection piece!


  4. Beautiful quote!!


  5. I love it! Thanks.
    Believe me, I am trying to use all the talents; but time…. It worries me that some people are happy to pass through life and not care or explore new things. ‘You annylise too much, I was told once.’ Just live…… No, Not for me.


  6. This is a great summary of the Biblical parable of the talents. (The master rewarded the one who used his talents with all of the talents originally given to everyone else.)

    I used to read every Erma Bombeck book I could get my hands on as a teen. I loved her witty humor laced with right-on wisdom.

    Thank you for bringing back fond memories with this snipet of wisdom.


  7. That quote – originally read through sleepy eyes – sure made me more awake… in an instant! And it has come at a period in my life when I am rediscovering, and expanding on with new energy, the work I did at art college exactly fifty years ago. The intervening working years were filled with photography… and now I have another creative activity at hand and sometimes wonder where will I find the extra time?

    It will also give me more to think about at Mass tomorrow… another celebration I have rediscovered after sixty years.


  8. Love it!!! That is how I hope to go – having given it all, experienced as much as I could and wiped out from all the adventure!


  9. That is a very good thought. Thank you so much for sharing!




  1. […] comes by way of David Kanigan (blog | twitter) from his post Friday Night (long week) Reflection…: When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of […]


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