Make the ordinary things sacred…

Cry with me as I die, but not for me.  I’m crying because I will miss the precious moments of my life.  No matters what happens to you, always remember to make the ordinary things sacred.  Focus more on who you are with than what you do.  Then, grandson, you will cry as I am not because you are dying but because you have so fully lived.
~ Grandma Leita Schlieman to her son and cancer survivor Paul Pearsall

“…You don’t need to wait for your turn at life’s inevitable traumas to learn the flourishing of those who thrive.  You can realize the power of your own psychological immunity and “thriveability” right now.  You can decide to live every moment of your life in thriving mode by taking a moment to experience some simple but important thriving tasks:

  • You can appreciate the simple fact that you can see these words and are able to think clearly about them, question them, and decide how you will interpret them.
  • You can pause now; rest this book in your lap, take a deep breath, and relish your ability to breath freely and on your own.
  • You can place a call to a loved one, say “I love you,” and try to store the sound of their voice forever in your heart.
  • As if you may not be able to see again, you can look more lingeringly or caress more slowly the faces of your family.
  • You can smell the fresh air, see the bright colors, and listen to voices of music and natural sounds as if you may never again be able to sense these simple delights

By reflecting about these and other simple thriving tasks, you can being to lead your life with less hurried disconnection, renewed vigor and zest, and enduring trust and optimism that there is nothing through the experience of which the human spirit can not only endure but thrive.”

Thank you Paul Pearsall, Ph.D. and author of The Beethoven Factor, The New Positive Psychology of Hardiness, Happiness, Healing & Hope by Paul Pearsall, Ph.D.  Thank you Unaiartetxe for Image.


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  2. What a beautiful quote! When I think of my own death, I think about the things that I will miss here, the beauty, the sunshine, the breeze on my face, the smell of rain on a summer day…..we have so much to be thankful for and often take those small things for granted. Thanks for the reminder….and for visiting and liking my blog post Movement
    through Time.


  3. I am so glad that you stopped by Onelifethislife and liked my post but mostly I got a chance to see your blog. This post is wonderful and is what I have been making a serious effort to do each day. Life is really wonderful when it is lived… and lived with purpose. Thank you for posting! I enjoyed it very much!



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