Just Breathe. Gently. Softly.


Source: Headlikeorange

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  1. Love your bird pictures!

  2. I too love “headlikeorange”. He does amazing work with his gifs.

  3. Nice. Too bad it’s not a slower heart rate – I feel mine speeding up to match – which is probably not the point. But then, that might be death for the bird.

  4. Reblogged this on kalabalu and commented:
    viewing from the branch , I breathe and see, where are the tiny delicious delicacies, my eyes are searching and stomach growling too..yes I can see you!!!

  5. AHHHH! Cute!


  6. Gorgeous.

  7. Beautiful image.

  8. So lovely–makes me want to reach out and touch it.

  9. Amazing! How does this happen in a photo?

  10. Wow!! So life-like!!

  11. Wonderful

  12. Reblogged this on photographyofnia and commented:
    so beautiful… Thank you dear David, love, nia

  13. Could you just not hold that little bird in your hand and stroke those perfectly silken feathers?? I admit to yet another ‘duh’ moment when I was watching it and wondering why it wasn’t blinking – sigh.. Sign me, hopeless

    • Laughing…Mimi, I love the way you catch certain things. I hadn’t noticed the little darling wasn’t blinking, but now that uou’re pointed it out, I’m fixated on it. ;-). He/she is so sweet, David. Wonderful, zen-like image and thought to start my jog toward Friday night and then the weekend. Wooohoooo! :-)

  14. So peaceful and beautiful…….ahhhhhhh

  15. As others have already said: “beautiful”

  16. ¡Buenísima!, me parece genial!

  17. Birds look so fragile….

  18. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing. How amazing!

  19. Really stunning, probably the most attractive life like moving picture I’ve seen so far! :D

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