Time Management (not)…


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  1. wonderful post David! ;)

  2. Thanks Anake…

  3. Great post David!

  4. Hahaha.Am I your inspiration for this one?Haha. I thought the subject was me. Nice post!

  5. That’s me for sure.


  7. Thanks for contributing to my blog! :-D

  8. Thanks for the chuckle… This is so true :)

  9. Reblogged this on Repeat Excellence.

  10. Agh, and to realize there’s absolutely zero Power there, and all Power in where we (and our true focus) are in the Now. Thanks for the reminder, and glad you liked my quote today.

    • Hi Julianna. Agree. You sound like an Eckhart Tolle disciple! Dave

      • That’s sick…I just open one of his books Last Night (for the first time in a few years). And yes, it was The Power of Now. Right, no coincidences (and yes, that stuff was clearly on my mind).

        Not disciple, but def on the same wavelength! Peace – j.

  11. Do you work with a bunch of engineers? Every engineering firm I have ever worked for operates in this fashion. Very funny.

  12. Oh, dear. That’s been me all winter.

    Today, I woke up and thought I’ll turn over a new leaf, this lovely Monday morning in Spring. Fine idea, until the constant ringing of the phone wrecked my creativity. I shouted very loudly in the end, ‘If I wanted to be a bloody secretary, I’d be one.’ Then I went out in the garden and thought about having a shed erected similar to the one Roald Dahl used to work in.

  13. These graphics and this definition of “tomorrow” have me chuckling and wagging my head and nodding in agreement all at once. You have given us an unforgettable visual image to kick us out of procrastination, David. Thank you!


  1. [...] maybe some incentive can come in the form a visual image. For that, see David Kanigan’s post, Time Management (not)… It shows well what we do when we procrastinate. Share [...]

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