Week in Review: "Grace is Gone…"

I was invited to a party for a former colleague who was retiring after 17 years of service.  I couldn’t attend in person so I was asked to share some of my thoughts in a note that would be read at the party.  So, in preparing my note, I reflected on her performance (consistently good), her results (consistently good), her technical skills (very good), her loyalty to the firm (exceptionally good) and I ended up landing here…


I’ve had a few weeks to think about this note.  I reflected back on all of the ups and downs that we shared at work over the years.  And the thought that keeps coming back to me over and over again when I think of you is "Grace."  Someone who carries herself with grace.  Someone with a quiet confidence.  Someone who keeps their cool under fire.  Someone who looks for the good in everything and everyone.  Someone who always seems to be at Peace.  At peace with yourself and others.

You remind me of the quote by William Hazlitt: “Grace has been defined as the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul.

You live your life with so much goodness and you’ve given so much…now it’s your time. Your time to kick back, relax and enjoy.

Thanks for all that you had done for me when we worked closely together. You are an inspiration and I miss our times together.

Best of luck and health in your retirement…


And, as a tribute to Linda’s retirement, a song from my favorite artist, Dave Matthews – “Grace is Gone.”



Painting “Last Dance” by Brent Funderburk.  (Shared with prior permission)


  1. Very nice!!!


  2. Thank you for this beautiful post. 🙂 I hope that when I find the job I want and when I leave, I get a speech similar in nature to this one. She sounds really great. Also, thank you for this song. I just stopped my “work” today which was a somewhat frantic day and this peaceful song immediately brought me home to myself.

    Have a lovely weekend,


  3. Wonderful post, we should all aspire to have a tribute like this

    Thank you for sharing this with us


  4. Heard long time ago that more than money, eveyone wants to feel special…I am sure Linda felt like a million bucks when that was read to her!!
    Love Dave Mathews.


  5. Dave, your description of Linda is how she is and you have expressed her qualities beautifully. Linda is a charming and gracful individual who will be missed dearly.

    Thanks for sharing your farewell comments.



  6. Lovelovelove both these elements.


  7. Wow, what a tribute to Linda. Very good painting and peaceful song.


  8. Loved this post. Love the song!


  9. What a legacy she has left and what a gracious, warm and loving way to let her know. I’m sure she has been as privileged to know you as you have been to work with her. Beautifully done..m


  10. Bim Sohan says:

    This is awesome. I’m really glad you did this as Linda is a one of a kind gem.


  11. paco gonzalez says:

    That was a great letter. Why should we be surprise? and I had to go next after your letter was read! Was very hard to follow you!Thanks for sharing it again.


  12. A most lovely written farewell to your retiring co-worker. And what a perfect song to share in honor of this graceful lady! I pray to be a little more like this lady you honor each day.



  1. […] follow David Kanigan’s blog. This one on Grace really resonated with me. While it is a letter to a colleague of David’s that was retiring, […]


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