7/ 3/ 54. I keep myself going with various kinds of dope: books, written and read, dreams, hopes, crossword puzzles, the sentimentality of friendships, and real friendships, and simply routine.

 Patricia Highsmith, “Patricia Highsmith: Her Diaries and Notebooks: 1941-1995.″ Anna von Planta (Editor). (Liveright, November 16, 2021)— Patricia Highsmith, Her Diaries and Notebooks: 1941-1995



  • Photos: DK @ Daybreak. 6:45 am, Feb 8, 2022. 36° F, feels like 29° F, Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT. More photos from this morning here.
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Let’s Play Rebus

renplus-words-puzzle-aged  renplus-word-definition-give-get

renplus-word-puzzle-get-go  replus-word-puzzle-thodeepught

replus-word-puzzle-hearts  word-replus-puzzle-NV

Rebus puzzles:
  1. A rebus (Latin: “by things”) is a kind of word puzzle that uses pictures to represent words or parts of words.

If you need to peak for the answers, hit each image above or the links below: [Read more…]

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