Wally’s Great Adventures (24)

Wally’s Great Adventures (24). hello friends, wally here. short update.  PG-13 rating on the opening picture, and it’s disturbing, i know. dad said he would never let mom turn me into a circus monkey. but here we are. and you are probably asking why the hell a lemur is splayed out in wally’s bed and where the hell is wally. anyhoo, sully has been visiting this week and he’ll be here for most of december as rachel and andrew (sully’s mom and dad) are going sunning in florida and as dad would say, they’re dumping sully here for free better-than-kennel services. but such a win win for me as i get to play with my BFF for almost a month. dana left today to visit her family for christmas. dad was still recovering from the pedicure tragedy yesterday when the two came down the stairs in MATCHING SWEATERS and get this, MATCHING SOCKS. i’ve never seen dad run faster to grab his camera. Dad was snapping one shot after another mumbling to himself ‘is this the face of mary magdalene? just has to be.’ dana is coming back the day after christmas so it’s not too long because i’ll miss dana’s squeezy hugs. dad said dana better not stay away too long or we will have the old eric back (BD-before dana) and that just won’t do now that we have seen the new and so so so much improved eric. that’s all for today everyone, back to nap time. Wally.



  1. Matching sweaters and socks are very cool from a peeps point of view! Looking at big bro Sully, he looks quite envious of your youthful exuberance and displaying your full intact ness. This is something to enjoy and not to be concerned about until you are a bit older. Enjoy all the attention over Christmas 🥰

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  2. OMG!!!!!


  3. I just love that we gradually get to see the additions to the K family. Sully, and now Dana… I can feel the love all the way from Toronto!

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  4. Adogable! Merry Christmas! 🔔🎉🎅🎁🎄


  5. That is just so sweet. What a cute sweater he’s wearing. I guess he forgot to put his pants on, but, oh well, he’s still innocent.
    Have a great Christmas, DK.


  6. To speak in American English: HO HO HO….. what an adorable and open talk that is. Love your innocence Wally. Keep it as long as possible!
    The matching pair – so American too…. A bit like the English Christmas sweaters; the ‚uglier‘ and unusual, the better. I like it and as I said before and you may quote me anytime Wally: Dana is a keeper and I only hope that Eric knows what‘s good for him 😉
    To you, Susan, Dave and the whole family: A happy, merry, peaceful, Christmas, wonderful food and great music, much laughter and good talks. And for you an extra bone in your snuffle nest.


  7. I love it all, Wally! you, your bff, the outfits, the pageantry of it all!


  8. Those sweaters are so colorful, they provide good camouflage for you Wally! Sully will be a terrific distraction while Dana is away. Who knows what kind of mischief the two of you can get into? 😉


  9. So glad you have your buddy visiting, Wally. I would, however, ask Sully to share a few words about (ahem) decorum when Dad grabs the camera. I think your Uncle Eric and Aunt Dana (yep, I am putting it out there, as once they advance to matching sweaters *and* socks, I think the gig is up….) look adorable and those smiles are megawatt. Know you all will have a fabulous (and it appears snowy) Christmas. Enjoy! ❤️🎄🎅


  10. That is quite the pose, tell you what! But yanno what? It’s cute while you’re young, so take advantage of it.
    That’s love right there. When you are down to matching sweaters and socks… it’s a beautiful thing! Enjoy having Sully around!


  11. Well Wally, Sir Beaumont of Sheepadoodle here and as they say (whoever they are) “If you got it, flaunt it.”

    And right now you got balls. Flaunt ’em! ‘Cause believe you me, that talk mom hasn’t had yet. Well… these hoomans don’t actually do the talk thingie well. In fact, in my experience, they just spring the old snip and clip on ya’ and then get all conciliatory when you arrive home, deballed of your intactness!

    However, what you gotta remember (it’s like the flaunt it thing) when you get clipped, use it to your advantage!

    These hoomans are susceptible to soppy eyes and droopy tails and, while I know a tail isn’t a big part of your anatomy, you can still go for the slouched body, sad eyes look. You won’t believe how the treats and TLC flow — oh! But make sure your dad doesn’t drag you out at 5 undawgly AM!
    Nope. Stay in your nice comfy nest.

    From a dawg who’s been there, done that (and got the treats!)…

    Work it Wally! Work it!

    Sir Beaumont of Sheepadoodle

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    Wally, Wally … cover up! LOL … Happy Holidays!!


  13. (Thank you for sharing wonderful moments from your whole lovable family.) As a psychotherapist, or one who’s studied body language, I see some obvious dominance…Sully…and Dana! Tickles me, and I’m sure everyone else….


  14. OMG! Wally you are soooo cute. These are pictures your mom and dad will show people when you’re older and you’ll be embarrassed. Have fun with your BFF Sully. Merry Christmas to everybody in your family.


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