Wally’s Great Adventures (23)

hello peeps, wally here. big news today but before we get to that, let me share the update on my trip to the vet. i weighed in at 11 lbs. dad said he was surprised it was that high given the piles i dropped under the dining room table 2 days in a row. I was going to tell dad to have him try pop-a-squat and go poo poo on the frozen grass when its freezing cold outside but i’m sure that would have pushed him over the edge. the vet told mom that i should be 2x my current weight when i’m full grown, that’s 22 lbs. mom was so happy that i will be at smaller end for frenchies. dad said that must account for my Napoleon complex as i bully sully all the time, even though sully is 3-4x my size. i didn’t know what dad meant, but you know positive-dad, it couldn’t have been good, will worry about this napoleon thing later. I stopped shivering after the vet’s helpers gave me so many excellent cookies, but next time i won’t forget that at the vet, excellent cookies come with a giant needle stuck up your poo poo hole, fool me once…i mean really. so, as you can see from the pictures, this shot has made me very sleepy, so i’ve been napping all day.

oh, before i forget, the BIG story. dad has been mumbling all afternoon ‘that i’ve lost my son, i’ve lost my son.’ You remember that last post (#22) about Eric AD (After Dana). well, dana marched eric right out the front door, and she said she was taking eric for a pedicure. dad said pedi what? ‘say what?!?!’ dad was stuttering now. dana repeated “pedicure.” sully and i watched dad, he didn’t look well. he kept mumbling ‘he’s gone’, ‘he’s lost now.’ finally dad told dana that ‘the MEN (sully, me and dad) will stay home.’ for evidence, mom took a picture of dana and eric getting a pedicure and sent it to dad. dad said ‘good god, he actually did it.’ Not sure if dad will ever recover but i’ll be sure to keep you posted. that’s all for today everyone, back to nap time. Wally.



  1. Wally, you will learn that your dad is a complicated man, trying to live during a time that no longer exists. Just humor him and try not to poop on the carpet. Merry Christmas, little guy.

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  2. Ohmygosh, Wally, so much packed into this posting! I’m glad that you are a happy, healthy growing boy. And as for your Uncle Eric, I think he’s just opening himself to new experiences. Heck, I bet your dad would even enjoy a pedi if he gave it a try. Tell him it’s wicked relaxing….

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  3. Did Eric get the type where little fish suck on your feet?

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    NHi Wally!@! So glad to be bavck here to see you!!


  5. You are 11 lbs of adorableness with a very keen eye…I’m looking forward to the day when you catch dad getting in touch with that sensitive side of his…it’ll throw you, but ultimately, I know you can handle it..

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  6. dear Wally: aw (after Wally) and ad (after dana) both seem to be positives, as dad and son are both learning from the two of you. you are opening up new possibilities in the world for them.

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  7. Immediate response after seeing the first photo–you look older! Maybe that shot made you feel serious… So everyone but Dad has now been pedicured. I assume he is a do-it-yourself guy.

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  8. Such a little guy he is at 11 lbs. I had two cats that each weighed more than that.

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  9. If someone told me earlier that I’d later be reading of poop, pokes and pedicures, I’d have said, “Nah..”
    😂 Oh, Wally ♥️

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  10. You are killing me, wally. With mirth and laughter. You will reign that household with great competence and keen observation. That dana is a keeper. Make sure that eric knows it.
    I haven’t had any such success with HH (hero husband) in our soon 25yrs marriage… so, dana sure is a force to reckon with. As are you ❤️

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  11. You are just what positive-Dad needs Wally! Glad you survived your vet adventure. You are a Big Boy in heart and spirit ❣️


  12. “but you know positive-dad, it couldn’t have been good”

    Laughing, I feel you, Wally.

    Dad comes from Rugged times.

    This is what I found, Why did Cro-Magnon go extinct?

    “So why did he go extinct? Precisely because he was so capable. Whereas members of our species are weaklings who rely on others, members of his species had it in them to be rugged individualists; and that is what they did. But then, when circumstances became too severe, they had no social support and thus went extinct.”

    So happy for Eric and Dana ❤️


  13. David you are so lucky to have Wally
    He does not feel like going in the freezing weather to do #2
    And for Eric he looks exactly like you . He is in love and he wants to please Dana
    These wally stories merit a book!!!


  14. Hey Wally, tell your dad that if Eric can do it, so can he. Plus, he does t know what he’s missing.
    I know it’s cold out there, but ya gotta stop poopooing in the house. 11 lbs… My son’s cat is heavier!

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