Wally’s Great Adventures (22)

hello peeps, wally here. big story today (this week, this month, past 3 months) has been DANA, erics grrrrrr grrrrllll girrrllll friend. dad explained to me that there was a period in history called AD and BD. mom corrected him (always doing that) and said, no, its BC and AD. he said NO, it is BD and AD, that is eric “before Dana – BD” and eric “after Dana – AD”, dad calls it a human transformation. dad and i spotted eric spotted doing laundry (huh?). dana sent us a photo of eric vacuuming. (say what?). eric was spotted in kitchen putting dirty dishes in dishwasher. (mirage?) eric now drinks hot tea (drinks what?). eric wears matching raybans and matching faherty fleece sweatshirts with dana. eric sits and has civil conversations with his parents (important note, this is when Dana is present). so dana has been like what dad calls manna from heaven. we celebrated dana’s birthday the other day and i helped her blow out her candles (not really, but i would have liked some cake). dana gives the best hugs. i love dana. and dad said i best love her so she never leaves because then we will get the old eric BD. that’s all for tonight everyone. have a good night. Wally.



  1. Dana sounds like a great member of your family Wally. Looks like she really loves you!!

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  2. all good news, and another person to love you!

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  3. At first I read “grrrrrr grrrrllll girrrllll friend” as hostility (grrr)… but all love here, it seems! Glad to see it. That second photo is adorable!

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  4. Also: did you sleep at all?

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  5. Wally, Wally, it’s clear that you have charmed yet another (soon to be?) member of the Kanigan clan. 😉 Dana sounds delightful and she’s clearly a good egg if she is kind to both you and Eric. Enjoy the attention. You deserve every moment….

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  6. I think Dana has earned the right to have ‘girlfriend’ spelled correctly – consider it a gift and go for it. Clearly she’s got another fan in Wally – an outstanding judge of character for sure, given all the wonderful people he loves (yes Dave, i include you in that discreet category)..Wally, your taste in finding the best of the best is terrific …

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  7. Ooh Wally, you look so snoogled and included…love abounds…

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  8. I remember reading this but somehow didn’t comment… what up with that. Apologies, Wally. And how lovely that Dana has come into the picture!


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